Practical Ways to Overcome Analysis Paralysis

Are you experiencing Analysis Paralysis or avoidance issues in your business? This is something that occurs in many businesses – you can get so involved with analyzing everything, that you forget you are in business to achieve something – like making money and helping your clients.

Of course, you could just be avoiding doing something – and that has the same impact as analysis paralysis.

Analysis Paralyisis occurs when you become obsessed with knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about something. When you get caught in this trap, you spend all your time analysing, and no time doing – and this is not healthy.

Avoidance generally occurs because you can’t ‘see’ what needs to be done and it all looks too much! Often avoidance occurs because you haven’t done the Analysis….

You most certainly should spend time doing your research and understanding what you’re getting yourself into before you do anything – however, you need to balance that level of analysis with the need to actually do something.

After all, nothing really happens until a sale is made… and a sale only happens when you take action!

Here are some indicators that you might be stuck in Analysis Paralysis or simply avoiding taking action:

  1. You’re constantly researching and in doing so, you find more that you need to know before you can move forward.
  2. You keep asking the same question, of the same and different people, and getting the same answer – but you want a different answer
  3. You’re too busy to implement any of the strategies you decide on
  4. Something else always comes up that needs attention – at times, the filing may seem very important!

You may sometimes find yourself sitting at your desk organizing the icons the desktop – and it’s when that happens that you should stop and ask yourself why you’re really doing it…. This is a sure sign that you are avoiding something!

Fear Plays A Part

Sometimes, Analysis Paralysis and Avoidance is due to fear – fear of not knowing enough, fear of failing or possibly fear of succeeding (to name a few) – and we really have to overcome that fear.

Sometimes, doing the analysis helps allay our fears – particularly the fear of not knowing however, be aware that we can take analysis to a level that it becomes avoidance!

But What About Overwhelm?

Sometimes the lack of action is due, purely and simply, to OVERWHELM. There is so much information to take in, so many things to do to make that action happen, so many people to coordinate – that we freeze and don’t know where to start and we literally freeze. (Sometimes, you may just want to go back to bed and pretend the world doesn’t exist!)

How Can You Help You?

When this happens, break the activities down into very, tiny chunks really helps.

Then, write out a step by step plan to just get started. By ‘chunking it down’, you will be able to tick off the activities as you do them and feel a real sense of achievement, which then helps me take the next step. Before you know it, you’ve finished your project and moving forward!

It sometimes difficult doing this by yourself, so try working with an accountability partner or a coach, to gain clarity around what is important, what isn’t, what can be done now and what needs to wait until other activities are finished.

Most importantly, be honest with yourself – this will help you get clear and avoid the analysis paralysis.