Powerful Solutions to Relieve Ovarian Cyst Pain the Natural Way

Can you actually get rid of your recurring ovarian cyst pain without medications or surgery?

Well I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst about two years ago. The symptoms started with a pain around my lower back, thigh and my left side and intensified into a severe and sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I was advised that the cyst would go away by itself after several periods, however this did not happen and I was placed on medication, this help to keep the pain away for awhile but the pain would eventually come back.

Surgery for me at that time was not an option as I had lost my job and did not have any health insurance. This was quite troubling for me as I certainly did not want to end up with a ruptured cyst which my doctor advised could lead me to losing one or both of my ovaries, let face it I was still in my childbearing age and I was planning on Having kids someday.

The need to use an alternative option to cure my ovarian cyst came about purely by accident, as one day I was visiting with some friends when I had another cyst attack, it came with extreme stomach pain and vomiting. One of my friend who is a firm believer in herbal remedies suggested to me to try a natural alternative, as it was her view that the medication that was recommended by my doctors was only addressing the symptoms and not the root cause of my ovarian cyst.

This natural treatment entailed changing my diet to a purely vegetable one, that is one that entailed eating raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and protein shake and taking organic vitamins – no animal food or no processed foods. Truth be told this was no picnic, however I did notice that the pain got significantly less intense. When I went to my gynecologist about a month after the cyst had actually reduced by about 3 centimeters.

This was enough motivation for me to continue on my diet, as I had come to realize that our food choices plays a significant role in our general heath and well being.