Post Shingles Neuralgia

After a shingle outbreak, you may have severe pain in the area of ​​the rash as well as beyond that area. This pain is called post herpetic neuralgia (PHN), or after-shingles pain. Some people would mistake it with other disease, because it seems nothing to do with shingles, so it happens after the rash was healed. Not many people would have such experience, out of the 1 million people who develop shingles, about one in five people will go on to develop PHN.

Although the shingles is healed, but shingles virus exist in your body for ever. Shingles pain is also caused by such virus. Typically, the pain appears in the area of ​​the shingle rash, but the size of the PHN pain region can vary significantly, such as from left to right. In some people, PHN pain can last for months or even years.

Age is an important factor in determining who gets shingles and PHN. The older you are, the easier you probably to get PHN. For example, if you are age 50 or older, you have a more than 50 percent chance of developing PHN. If you are age 80 or older, you have an 80 percent chance of developing PHN.

Below is some information about about post shingles pain. Hope to help a friend who is in agony.

1. The pain is well defined in the area, sharply limited to left side of trunk, above waist and below upper part of chest.
2. It is sensation of frequent electric shocks, like a fizzy burn, especially where breast or arm rubs against skin.

4. It becomes worse for touching, breezing, sweating or motioning.

Once you have post shingles neuralgia, you might prefer a topical treatment, taking a pill, or both. Actually, there is no cure for PHN at this moment, because the virus is no longer present after the blisters dry up. So it is important to talk with your healthcare professional about your pain treatment options and together you can create a customized treatment plan that is best for you to reduce the pain.

Shingles is contagious. Once you have got shingles, please take care yourself to avoid it contagious to others. Click to see more information about shingles contagious .