Post-operative Recovery in Heart Attack Patients

The general notion that a heart attack survivor needs to remember is that the operation was successful and if he takes care of himself more, the heart will heal nicely by itself. Once all of the post-operative tests have been done and the doctor has deemed the patient well on his way to recovery, he will most likely not require further treatment and life can begin for him again. Restricting activities could inhibit real recovery, particularly on the psychological level. After operation, some men could think that if exertion in any way will bring them back in the emergency room. The challenge now becomes dealing with the anxiety and fear which plague men who have had heart surgery.

Life After a Heart Operation

A post operative heart attack survivor may return to his job; start playing bowling again and simply enjoy the activities he enjoyed in the past, without the excess. Keeping in mind all the precautions that the doctor told him, he may list the activities he wants to return to and start engaging in them one at a time.

There are some things that a heart surgery patient definitely needs to avoid, such as smoking and binge eating. A list of the exercises that will improve circulation must be followed. Spending 30 minutes a day leisurely swimming or walking around the park is a good start to keep that heart rate up. His family and friends could show most of their support by eating sodium-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free dishes with him.

Heart attack survivors may have sex again, after the mandatory 6 weeks to 2 months of rest. If the doctor gives the go signal, post operation heart surgery patients who experience libido problems could take medication to give them back the healthy intimacy that they have always enjoyed with their partners.

After the heart operation, a man could be dealing with a lot of shock, so it’s normal to feel hesitant about doing even the most menial activities. However, the stress brought about by inactivity and fear could invite more heart trouble. Keeping optimism high and stress low is the key to fully recovering from a heart attack.