Possible Pneumonia Causes

There are many possible causes of pneumonia. The main cause and also the most common cause of pneumonia is bacteria. However, other infections caused by different microbial organisms can also cause pneumonia. Sometimes there it is impossible to determine what caused pneumonia.

Here is a list with some of the microbial organisms that are to blame in cases of pneumonia:
– bacteria: these too can be categorized by the procedure that is used to see the bacteria under a microscope. The stains that are seen under the microscope then tell us what type of bacteria is the one that cause pneumonia. There are two main types: gram positive bacteria and gram negative bacteria.
The gram positive bacteria that cause pneumonia appear colored blue on the strain. The most common gram positive bacteria that cause pneumonia are:
– streptococcus pneumonia: this is the most common of all pneumonia causes; researchers believed that this type of bacteria was the cause of almost ninety five percent of all pneumonia cases that were community- acquired; however, recent studies have shown that in fact this particular bacteria only accounts for less then thirty percent of all pneumonia cases that are community acquired;
– staphylococcus aureus is another gram- positive bacteria that is second on the most common causes of pneumonia list; however, this type of bacteria sits at the top of the list when it comes to pneumonia cases that are acquired in the hospital; this is rather uncommon in adults that are healthy, but it can develop almost five days after a person has suffered from a condition that has weakened his/ her defense system;
The gram- negative bacteria that cause pneumonia are colored pink. These type of bacteria that cause pneumonia are the most common agents of infection in hospitals. Some of the main gram- negative bacteria that cause pneumonia are:
– haemophilus influenzae: this generally affects people that suffer from chronic lung problems or they affect older people;
– klebisiella pneumoniae is the main bacteria responsible for pneumonia in people that are alcoholics or people who suffer from physical debilities;
– pseudomonas aeruginos is the most common bacteria that cause pneumonia in people that suffer from severe or chronic lung problems;
– neisseria meningitidis is another bacteria that is thought to play a very big role in pneumonia patients; this is one of the most important causes in developing meningitis, but recent studies have shown that this bacteria is also responsible for pneumonia;

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