Positive Attitude – How to Unlearn Sickness and Stop Catching Disease

Health or sickness; wealth or poverty; success or failure — all begin in the mind. Your physical body and material affairs reflect your state of mind. With the right positive attitude and a strong belief in health you can prevent sickness from entering your life.

Do you Expect to Get Sick?

Most people have been mentally conditioned to accept sickness from the beginning of their lives. From the minute you are born, you are taught to believe in sickness. You learn that you are supposed to be sick at certain times of the year. You learn to believe in the very idea of sickness.

While you are growing up, your parents expect you to get a whole catalog of diseases that the so-called medical authorities say children are supposed to catch. You are supposed to have the measles and the mumps, whooping cough and chicken pox. And as your got older, you ‘learned’ that certain aches and pains were to be expected with middle age. Many parents have unconsciously conditioned their children to expect sickness.

I remember when I was a child, whenever I sneezed, my mother would tell me that I was catching a cold. And without fail, every time I sneezed I would end up catching that cold. In fact, I was so conditioned by this childhood experience, that for years, every time I sneezed, I would subconsciously hear my mother saying, ” You’re getting a cold.” That simple statement had an effect on me until I learned to master my own thinking.

You Can ‘Unlearn’ Sickness and Know Health.

I learned that if I stopped thinking sickness and stopped expecting sickness, I would stop getting sick. And I learned to block any idea of sickness out of my mind and out of my life!

Think Health and Speak Health!

Most people are just too interested in what’s wrong with them and what’s wrong with the world. They give negative ideas all of their attention, and negative conditions continue to enter their lives. I am always warning you that the more you give your attention to negative conditions, the more negative conditions you will have. The more you think and talk about your symptoms and your aches and pains, the more symptoms and aches and pains you are going to have.

Think Only Positive Thoughts About Health.

It is very important to only let your mind think positive thoughts about health. It is very important to only let your mouth say positive things about health. Watch what you think or say, lest you become “ensnared by the words of your mouth.” (Proverbs 6:2)

Never think thoughts such as, “I think I’m getting a cold,” or “I’ll never get over this sickness,” or “I’ve got a bad back.” These negative thoughts cause you to get sick and prevent you from getting well. Instead, say to yourself on a regular basis, “I AM healthy and I will stay healthy … God-in-me is my health.” This positive affirmation heals you and keeps you well.

So if you don’t want the disease that the national disease center plans for you this year, refuse to believe in it. Refuse to take part in any idea of sickness. Say to yourself, “God-in-me is my health.” Learn the mastery of your own mind and your own thinking, and the negative beliefs entertained by the world-mind will no longer influence you.