Pomegranate Juice Benefits For Great Living

Pomegranate at one point of time was unknown for its rich health benefits and it was until a couple of years ago that the medical fraternity opened the doors to the secrets of this wonder fruit. This pulp of this fruit can be eaten as a whole or the juice can be extracted for a concentrated health drink. Pomegranate juice benefits have gained a lot of predominance worldwide and today it is highly in demand among both the fitness and health conscious.

Clinically proven to be of significant benefit the juice of pomegranate is now a part and parcel of fitness diets all over the world. Medical research has successfully proved that one full glass juice of pomegranate contains around 40% of the US recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C. Pomegranate health benefits also include the rich nutrients of folic acid along with the vitamins A and E. Regular intake of pomegranate juice stalls heart disease and hence prevents strokes, health attacks and heart disease.

Pomegranate reverses previous plague buildup in the arteries and prevents the accumulation of plague that is associated with clogging the heart. Pomegranate juice benefits the heart as it makes the blood thinner and promotes good flow to the heart. It also lowers the LDL oxidation levels in the blood and raises the “good” levels of cholesterol of the heart. Some doctors also point out that pomegranate can be taken as a health drink but that does not mean that regular pomegranate juice prevents heart disease.

Other pomegranate juice benefits include having extreme antioxidants that are similar to red wine, green tea and purple grapes. The juice is known to fight breast, lung and prostate cancer. The regular intake of pomegranate juice contributes positively to good skin health. Pomegranate also acts an inhibitor on those enzymes that are responsible for the damaging body cartilage that in turn results in osteoarthritis. The medical specialists has applied extracts of pomegranate directly on the damaged cartilage however there needs to be more medical research done in order to successfully prove that the drinking of pomegranate juice reduces cartilage deterioration.

Pomegranate juice benefits also help in slowing down Alzheimer’s disease according to a medical study where mice bred with the disease were given pomegranate. The study revealed that they had accumulated less amyloid plague than controlled mice and they were able to perform mental tasks better.

In conclusion, it can be safely said that pomegranate juice benefits are indeed creating waves in the health and fitness market. More and more people are turning to it and hence it is the new age health beverage. Pomegranate is tasty and fun to eat as a fruit too. This healthy fruit has also been transformed into supplements for the convenience of those who cannot get the fruit from the market everyday. The daily consumption of pomegranate juice displays significant and promising health benefits. This wonder fruit has long been neglected however thanks to recent medical research and studies the fruit is a hot favorite among fit and health conscious lovers today!