Pomegranate Juice – A Myriad of Health Benefits

The juicy red kernels of a pomegranate are a favorite with both the young and old alike. Apart from its richness and delicious taste, pomegranate juice has also become popular for its health benefits. And this only continues to increase with more and more people becoming aware of a healthy diet and lifestyle. This fruit contains many different nutrients which are absolutely essential for health and fitness. Hence drinking a glass of this juice daily can boost your health in more ways than one.

There are many scientific studies that have shown that this fruit contains certain compounds that can help fight breast cancer. The studies revealed that the compounds attack malignant cells and destroy these while keeping the healthy cells intact. There are also other scientific studies being conducted across the globe with regard to the benefits of this juice in fighting liver cancer and prostate cancer. Both the group of studies conducted in mice has shown that pomegranate contains compounds which can fight or slow down the cancerous cells and boost the growth of the healthy ones.

Another important finding is that pomegranate juice can help to keep the levels of the prostate specific antigen stable in men with prostate cancer. A group of fifty men were chosen for the study and administered eight ounces of this fruit juice every single day for a month and it was observed that the levels came down and became stable doing away with the need for further chemotherapy. People who suffer from osteoarthritis can also benefit a lot from taking this juicy, red fruit. Cartilage deterioration can be reduced which protects the joints and brings down the painful effects of this disease. This juice also offers a range of nutrients for the pregnant mother and can help in the normal development of her neonate’s brain especially after an injury has occurred.

Heart protection is another benefit that you derive when you take this fruit on a regular basis. The compounds present can help to lower the cholesterol levels especially the levels of LDL cholesterol which is called as bad cholesterol in layman’s terms. It also protects the heart by preventing the buildup of plaque inside the arteries and thereby reducing the risk of a stroke or myocardial infarction. Blood pressure can also become stable in those who suffer from hypertension. So grab yourself a glass of pomegranate juice to stay fit and healthy and say goodbye to diseases.