Poison Ivy – How to Kill It


Poison Ivy is certainly one of the plants found mostly in the eastern and mid western part of America. It is very poisonous. You will certainly find out that the poison Ivy can be very harmful. You neither burn it nor even touch it. If you will burn it then its smoke will harm you and if you will touch it then your skin will suffer from the rashes. This can be very harmful for you. In this article we will be talking about the method through which we can kill this plant.

Do you feel that we can kill this plant? This certainly can not happen. We will certainly find out that the poison ivy is one of the very tricky kinds of plant. What does this mean? Just try to burn it. What will happen? Do you really know what will happen? If not then keep one thing in your mind that you will be stunned by the outcome. Your whole body will be filled with rashes. This certainly means that we can not burn it. Then what can we do? There is one way and do not get frightened.

Suppose you want to remove this plant then you will have to scratch it out of the soil from the root and then place it some where. This is certainly a very big ask for you. You will be able to dispose it to some other place and you can not burn it.

Thus you will find out that the poison ivy can not be burnt. Then what is the way through which you can get rid of the poison Ivy? This is certainly a very big question probably in US. The people are quite afraid of this plant and you will definitely be astonished by this fact.

There is one special kind of mower which is used for this purpose. You will have to just move the mower over this plant and in this way you will be able to safe guard yourself from this poisonous plant. The plant will be blown out of the soil and it will be collected in the bag which is attached to the mower. You can then move the bag and then dispose it to some place where no body comes. This is the only way through which you can kill this plant. But do make sure that you do not come in contact with this plant. If you will do this then you will definitely be the sufferer.