Pneumonia- All About This Disease


You must have all heard about the pneumonia. It is a very deadly disease to encounter. If you are infected with pneumonia your air sacs will get filled up with a fluid like substance, causing breathing problem in you. People of all age groups are at risk from this disease. However it has been observed that it is generally the babies and the older people who are the worst sufferers.

Pneumonia is basically a bacterial disease. The bacteria Streptococcus pneumonia causes the occurrence of this disease. However pneumonia can be caused by other agents as well. The symptoms of this disease include mucus formation with cough, chilly fever which might also lead the patient to shake vigorously at times. The patient suffering from pneumonia will also experience chest congestion and pain. Pneumonia also results in shortness of breath. You can also produce bloody mucus along with your cough. Not to forget it also leads to common symptoms like headache, weakness, fatigue and decreased appetite. It can cause various other disorders as well.

Pneumonia must not be left without treatment. The condition can aggravate and become really deadly. In worst conditions your pneumonia can lead to even blood poisoning. So what is the treatment for pneumonia? Since it is a bacterial disease, the antibiotics are the basic treatment that is given. The dosage will however depend on keeping in mind your age and other health conditions. You shall be advised to increase your fluid intake when dealing with pneumonia. If you are suffering from pneumonia you will have to definitely quit smoking and any sort of tobacco smoke.

The viral pneumonia is a worse for of pneumonia and you can get too sick if you are suffering from this. It is advised to increase the fluid intake along with the required medication. There are a lot of over the counter medicines available that treat pneumonia. Tylenol is one such medicine that helps your get well fast.

There’s nothing to fear if you have pneumonia as the treatment is very much available. However you can always prevent the occurrence of the disease in the first place. Keeping yourself clean and washing your hands at regular intervals will reduce the chances of infection. Smoking can cause pneumonia and therefore you must avoid getting into this habit. Staying away from people infected from cold and flu will always reduce the risk as this is a contagious disease. Last but not the least; practice regular breathing exercises to keep your lungs in a healthy condition.