Though scientists only recently discovered Pluto the ancients knew of her existence from the very beginning of recorded time as written in the Zohar-Book of Secret. Called Erez, this little world on the brink of the Seventh Heaven is the boundary of our solar system – the tenth frontier. The Zohar describes this world as being so distantly that the sun looks like a star. Recent photographs have confirmed the words of the wise.

There are aspects of Pluto that mirror our own earth more than any other planet; For example, Pluto shows the greatest diversity of terrain other than the earth and has its moon Charon always showing the same face to her planet as does earth's moon. The Talmud-Book of Law speaks about Seven Heavens and the Zohar describes and names each of the seven celestial bodies that intercept the heavens from earth until Pluto.

Pluto and earth are connected through the merit of seven. The Zohar says that only the seven outer orbits of our solar system support life. It is because of the outer seven celestial bodies that we regulate ourselves according to seven days of the week; The remaining three, the sun, Mercury and Venus, represent the higher light, the intellect, whereas the outer seven are representative of the body of our emotions. The solar system, like an embryo, awakens first from the body; The head remains bent and unconscious until birth.

To discover physical similarities between the earth and her seventh planet might be expected as it says in the Talmud: all sevens are beloved – each is seventh from the other. The earth was divided into seven land masses: the continents which correspond to the seven outer worlds according to the Zohar written 2000 years ago. The seven day week and the seven notes of western music are related to this primal configuration.

The earth revolves around the sun every 365 days while Pluto's orbit is 248 years equaling the number 613. Every human body is comprized, according to the Talmud, of 248 limbs connected by 365 vessels. The first five books of the Torah known as The Five Books of Moshe are the source of the 613 Commandments given to the Jewish People. These commands are separated into two categories: 248 positive commands and 365 negative commands.

The six parts of the body: arms, legs, torso and sex are two intertwined triangles that form a mouth which produces speech. The Cabalists differentiate between these first six attributes embodied by the first six planets from the earth to Neptune by noticing the six corresponding Sefirot all point in the same direction Рtoward the greater light Рwhile the seventh turns. This turning is played out in Pluto's interception of the orbit of her giant neighbor Neptune for twenty years out of Pluto's 248 year elliptical orbit around the sun. Like Einstein's Mobius strip (A M̦bius strip is an intriguing surface with only one side and one edge. You can make one by joining the two ends of a strip of paper after giving one end a 180-degree twist) the orbit of Pluto is the Self-imposed confine to the solar system related to the tenth sephira of Malcult / Royalty, woman, birth and speech.

For twenty years of the 248 years cycle around the sun, Pluto dips into Neptune's orbit; This last happened from 1979 to 1999 – it will happen again in the year 2226 or 5986 in the Hebrew calendar, just 14 years before the year 6000 – beginning the thousand years of woman and of peace. These astronomical acrobatics are indicative of celestial speech – the culmination of the earth's communication to the Creator through the universe in the same way the human being produces speech rendered through the emotions emanating from the six limbs of the body that can span space and reach another Intelligent being.

The limit of speech is the mouth which has within it five aspects that divide the breath into articulated words: lips, teeth, tongue, pallet and throat. Scientific exploration has so far revealed three moons around the planet Pluto. One would suspect that there are two more moons lurking in the darkness circling planet Pluto. Both earth and Pluto speak; Earth speaks the amalgam of thoughts continuously produced by the human brain radiating into the space; The earth is the inner voice of the solar system while Pluto speaks into the beyond.

The Kuiper Belt, an endless array of chaotic frozen material drifting aimlessly around our solar system, is the outer perimeter to our world of ten dimensions. Referring to the surrounding light and the concept of Keter / Crown: Will and Pleasure from where the chaos of the human being is rooted, the Kuiper Belt is the manifestation of that concept.

The communications emanating from our solar system are blended into a vibrato of infinite weave and endless vibrations; The articulated voice modulated from the billions of unique minds generating thoughts and words without end is delivered to the universe through the planet Pluto standing at the brink of chaos. These aggregated thoughts delivered upon the breath of vibrations will go on forever. The universe is speaking to us and we are speaking back.

Science only works in a dark box of finite definition; There is no room in science for metaphor and secret – science only believes what it sees even though they know that the physical universe produces only four percent of the whole. Science is good at gathering information, but their interpretation and explanation is woefully lacking. It is hubris which allows them to dissect our solar system as if it were some dead thing.

The ancients understood the configuration of creation to be the eternal testament of the Creator waiting to be unlocked. By limiting creation to the obvious and not the implicit presents a false picture of reality which inspires errant philosophies about life, like: survival of the fittest. It was humility that the ancients practiced which cave them access to the secrets of creation and it is humility which will open the eyes of the innocent.