Pleurisy Symptoms


Pleurisy is an infection of the pleura, the delicate membranes separating the lungs from the chest wall. It is usually the result of a virus infection, but it can also be caused by pneumonia, a chest injury, inflammation of the pericardial heart lining, a blood clot of the lung, and, rarely, lung cancer.

Pleurisy root was one of the most important Menomini medicines. They used the roots as wound dressings and for many other remedies, often mixing the roots with other botanicals in particular formulas. Penobscot Indians used them as cold medicines and as a dressing for sores. The Omaha Indians used this plant as one of their sacred medicines in the Shell Society.

Pleurisy symptoms typically include a cough, fever, a sharp sticking pain and shallow breathing. The pain is normally worse for any movement, such as breathing in. It can be a complication after you have had pneumonia or some other lung related condition, and your treatment didn’t make things any better.

You only get disease, any disease if your immune system is compromised. If this is in good order, your body will be able to prevent any disease from occurring. A slightly less that perfectly healthy immunity might not be able to prevent disease, but it would be mild, with minor symptoms.

If you are getting more intense bouts, and they are coming more frequently, then ask yourself another question. Are you going towards cure or away from it? If they are getting worse or more intense, then maybe your current treatment is not doing you a lot of good.

With most people multi tasking, the emphasis on doing more not less seems the way to be. And yet, doing less can make you more productive. Don’t get caught in the vicious circle of work, work, work. Make sure you have time to relax. That makes you more productive.

So how can you improve your immunity? Firstly, by taking medication and vaccines, you are knocking your immune system. Homeopathy, on the other hand, works by improving your immune system. So if you can make a start there, you’re likely to see some good results.

So instead of asking, is pleurisy serious, ask yourself instead, am I looking after myself or am I looking for outside health resolution? If you expect every ailment to be fixed by a pill or shot, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. You have to take responsibility for your health.

Fever and common cold-Holy basil tea made by boiling 4 ounces of milk with ginger, whole black pepper, 1-2 tablespoon sugar, and fresh basil leaves is said to cure headache, cold, malaria, and bronchitis. The juice of basil leaves can be used to bring down fever. The extract in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours.

Before I begin, let me make sure you know that you should consult your doctor for *any* chest pain, to rule out a serious health problem. However, there are other things that can cause pain in that region. Some are minor and some may be as life threatening as heart disease.

If Influenza treatment is started at the onset, it may be overcome in 24 hours. Stop eating and go to bed right away, do not eat for 24 hours, you wont die from not eating, you may cause yourself to get sicker if you continue to eat. Drink a Tea by steeping a teaspoon of each herb together in a pint of boiling water for 20 minutes. Yarrow – Pleurisy Root – 1/4 tsp. of Cayenne.

Inflammation of the Pleura is called Pleurisy. In dry Pleurisy, the pleural surfaces are inflamed without fluid in between them. In many cases pleurisy is associated with effusion. Both dry pleurisy and pleural effusion may develop at different stages of the same disease process.