Please Do not Smoke If You Are Pregnant!

Kids while still at their youngest are among the most affected sufferers of people smoking cigarettes. Either they take up smoking tobacco themselves at an early age because of the effects of grownups around them or otherwise they are subjected to passive smoke from those smoking in their locality. It's more often than not considered that children are statistically among those who are the most likely to become predisposed to smoking related conditions due to passive or directly inhaled smoke from cigarettes due to the fact that children's' rate of breathing is significantly faster than the breathing rate of a more mature person.

Why Are Children So Badly Impacts by Smoking?

The primary and more important grounds for children being so negatively affected by those smoking around them is that their lungs are smaller and not yet fully developed, coupled with the fact that they breath at faster rate than an adult, this basically leads to them ingesting greater amounts of the damaging fumes from burning tobacco into their systems. On average an adult individual will breathe in and out around 1,000 times an hour, by comparison a child under 12 years of age will breathe in and out around 1,200 times in an hour. Because children are breathing in greater amounts of air equivalent to grownups, their susceptibleness to smoking related illnesses is likewise proportionately higher than that of an adult individual. Basically because of their faster breathing rate children are forced to breathe in larger amounts of the toxins and noxious chemicals that are released during the practice of smoking tobacco products, in turn bearing up the health and effectiveness of their still developing lungs!

Mothers Who Smoke:

Are you an expectant mother? Are you aware of how smoking during your pregnancy will affect the child still developing in your womb? If you smoke while you are pregnant then your development foetus will be exposed to all the toxins that you inhale with each puff of your cigarette as they circulate through your bloodstream and are rarely delivered to your developing baby which can result in substantive changes. As a matter of fact by smoking when you are pregnant you may actually be reducing your as yet unborn child's' expected lifespan before he or she even gets the chance of being born. On top of this by smoking while pregnant you are exposing your unborn child to the risk of contracting any one of a growing list of smoking related conditions which may ultimately result in death. In point of fact babies delivered to women who have smoked tobacco products during their pregnancies are frequently under the average birth weight and are statistically more inclined to die after their birth. In addition it is considered that the infant may go on to develop both physical & learning disabilities and may even have a greater risk of being diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Bit by bit youngsters exposed to tobacco smoke go on to germinate additional complex respiratory problems such as Asthma. Bronchial asthma is a life threatening medical condition which affects millions of people all over the globe. If the youngster has already been clearly diagnosed with asthma then it is possible the child will go on to develop additional secondary medical problems. It's said that youngsters who are subjected to passive tobacco smoking may end up being diagnosed with other serious diseases such as Pulmonic Bronchitis or Pneumonia, both of which are potentially life threatening diseases affecting growingups. Please spare a moment to consider your unborn child; would you desire your own newborn baby to sustain unnecessary illnesses or suffering?