Play Hard to Get, But Do not Play Too Hard

Do you know the biggest misconception that women have about dating?

It's the fact that they think they have to play so "hard to get" to the point that they come off as too aloof and cold.

They do not contribute to the conversation, they do not call back at all and they act all distant and cold thinking that by doing this, they are actually making the men want them more.

Ok, so does anyone actually think like this ??
Alright for those who do, I think you need a quick wakeup call here.

I want you to brace yourself and hold onto something hard ok, because I'm going to yell at you for your own sake. . .



If you were in front of me right now, I'd mess up your hair and makeup myself.

3. . . 2. . . 1. . . inhale. . . exhale. . .

Phew! Glad to have that out of the way. I do not usually react like that, but I think the situation called for it.

Ok, let me just set down for a bit here. . .

Alright, I've calmed down.

Now we're going to have a little chat. . .

First of all, it's common knowledge that you do not want to date just any average Joe off the streets. You want a special guy, a quality type of guy right? Now, if your game plan is to be all aloof and cold thinking that you are attracting him by actually "gaming" him, then let me tell you right now. . .

Your game plan sucks. I guarantee that it will just backfire in the end.

You know why?

Because the quality guys you want to have GAMES themselves.

They have plenty of options to choose from, they have a solid inner confidence, and they have great attitudes within themselves. They are pretty much measuring you up as much as you are measuring them up. So the moment you express any lack of interest their way, his automatic assumption is that you're just interested so he'll move onto someone else.

BIG mistake.

That's why if you think that acting all aloof and cold will get him interested, THINK again.

Do not get me wrong, it's OK to play hard to get, but just not TOO hard. Tease him. . . mess with him a little but then if he looks at you – smile at him if you're interested, if he asks your number – play with him and make him work hard for it a little, if he calls you – call him back but then minimize the conversation and make sure you try and end the phone call first. You're not playing easy here ok, but then you're not playing too hard to reach either.

Here's another point. Let's say you do manage to net a type of guy. And let's say for arguments sake that he also falls deeply head over the heads in love with you to the point that he turns out to be too "nice" and submissive to everything you say and do. He's kind of like a robot of some sort because he becomes so plain and scripted. In other words. . .

He becomes a SISSY.

He becomes so bland that most of the time you just want to slap him from his complacency!

Guess what happens next?

Yep, you guessed it. ATTRACTION DEATH.

When this happens, trust me, your attraction for him will slowly and surely evaporate as well. Once his confidence disappears, his attitude changes, he makes you his one and only world, and he becomes an all agreeing and all submissive, spinaless JELLYFISH – then I bet you that you'll lose interest in him. I'm sure you do not want a man you can manipulate like a puppet, you want the confident and "take charge" kind of guy you initially met.

That's why you should never play too hard to get, stop the games and just focus on putting across your "best self" out there. Be the most amazing woman you can ever be and you'll notice that you'll also be attracting the quality guys that you want. Stop hiding behind your master's degree, your fixed smile, your cashmere sweater, your Gucci bag, or the "awesome" cool friends you hang out with. Let him get to know the real you, not the "fake" you that's just putting on a "game face".