Plastic Cone Collars Vs Soft E Collars


Often after surgery our pets may require a device to stop them from gaining access to their surgical area. Or on occasion, our pets may need something to deter them from licking, biting or scratching at a chronic sore spot. One such product that is widely used today by veterinarians is the "E-Collar" or Elizabethan Collar.

Where did the name Elizabethan or E-Collar come from? The term Elizabethan Collar comes from an article of clothing called "the ruffs", which was worn around the neck of women in England during the Elizabethan times (1558-1603). The "ruffs" were very elegant but very stiff, which preverted these women from full neck movement. Our current day pet manufactures must have thought if an elegant article of clothing could prevent a woman from moving her head freely, because not modify the design to be used on animals.

Many of today's E-Collars are made of very hard plastic. You can be certain your pet will not be able to reach his stitches or hot spot, when he is wearing this cumbersome device. For that matter, he will not be able to do much of anything else. The archaic design of the plastic cone collar impedes your pet's vision, it causes them to bump into things, they may trip while trying to go up stairs, it will also deter them from eating or drinking and they will not be able to lie down comfortably . Not only will your pets get stressed out wearing one of these products, often we hear that pet parents are equally stressed out by seeing their pets struggle during their recovery period.

Some pet manufactures have come up with an ingenious method of doing away with the hard plastic cone collars. They have figured out a way to offer an alternative which is soft, flexible, comfortable and effective. The advent of the Soft E Collar has revolutionized the way veterinarian's care for their pet patients. While many veterinarians are taking advantage of these relatively new designs, many remain steadfast with offering the old plastic cone collar. Perhaps, some of these veterinarians do not realize there are alternatives or just maybe they are set in their ways.

If your pet is scheduled for surgery, ask your vet in advance if they carry the soft e collar. If they do not tell them there are many alternatives to the old plastic cone collar. You or your veterinarian can purchase a soft e collar from a manufacture, a pet retail store or an online pet supply store. They would be more than happy to provide you with advice as well as their alternative surgical collar. Keep in mind, any device that is placed around an animal's neck is foreign to them and they will try to find a way to remove it or get at their stitches or hot spot. Surgical collars are only meant as a temporary solution to your pet's situation.

Ultimately, you and your veterinarian will know what is best for your pet. But we strongly suggest trying the more humane soft e collar first. Your pets will Thank You.