Pirate Riddles

There are many games kids can play for events, birthdays and at family gatherings. One of the best games is Pirate Riddles. This is a form of a treasure hunt game. Although there are many variations to pirate themes, there is bound to be a pirate treasure hunt that can please any age group of children.

There is one game that I, as a mother of a ten year old, did for my son’s birthday. It was an extremely successful game and all of the kids loved it and had fun.

To do this game, you will need a printer. Go online and make copies of the same pirate map for all of the children. Once the maps have been printed out, make cut outs for the names of the “towns” or “shores” that are landmarked on the pirate ship. Each child that is to play is the amount of print outs of the towns and or shores that is on the map. (For example, ten children are playing. That means ten each of the towns and sites of the landmarked areas on the main pirate map are to be made up). Place a dual copy of each site of the map with an adult who is willing to assist in the game at strategic areas of the home or park. On the back of each landmark print out for the children, are clues to the next landmark on the main map. Each of these clues is to include one or two pirate riddles that will go with the clue to the next site or area of the main map. When the planning ahead of time for the game has been done, placing where the fake landmarks are and clues that have been written on the backs of each printout, designate each child to a Character of a pirate movie. For example, the birthday boy was the captain of his ship. The rest of the children were other characters of the ship, such as cabin boy, Lady Esmeralda, captain’s foreman and so forth, until each child has a main character. Print out those characters to give to each separate child.

When each child comes to the landmarked site which is from the main pirate map, an adult is to give that child the new clue marked with their special character so as to not get anyone mixed up. They are to receive the next clue and a small prize for each clue landmark they figure out. At the end of the game, the birthday boy then had one extra clue, to find with everyone’s help the main treasure box that the pirate loot was hidden. (The chest can contain candy, fake gold coins and necklaces). Play one last game within a pirate riddles game of treasure hunt, Huckle Buckle Bean Stalk. When the children are searching for the main pirate chest, use hot or cold signals (hot being near the loot, cold being far from the loot and warm being close but not quite near), for the children to find that last big treasure chest. In the end the children will have both pirate loot and lots of fun!