Pinched Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain


Pinched sciatic nerve leg pain can vary from a slight twinge to constant pain originating in the lower back and travelling all the way down through the buttock and down the leg to the foot. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body and so the pain associated with this nerve can be any place from the lower back to the foot on either or both legs.

Some people may find walking difficult while others may not when experiencing pinched sciatic nerve leg pain . In my case I found walking no problem but standing almost impossible or driving for long distances as my leg would go numb. The pain would usually start in the buttock and the numbness would affect areas from the knee down to the foot which meant clutching to change gears would be very difficult as I had no feeling in the leg.

Pinched sciatic nerve leg pain may be as a result of an injury to the back in the form of for example, lifting objects incorrectly, sitting at a computer desk in the incorrect posture position, sport, car and gym accidents and many more. The term Pinched means the nerve may be compressed or constricted due to movement of a bulging disc. Other causes of a pinched sciatic nerve may include spinal arthritis and problems with the vertebral column.

If you are experiencing what you may think to be pinched sciatic nerve leg pain then the first place you should go is to your local GP as they are qualified to give you the best advice available. There are drugs available to help reduce the inflamed are of the nerve and thus reduce the pain. Sitting on soft or low surfaces should be avoided as trying to get up from them may cause severe discomfort.

There are many treatments and exercises available from yoga to surgery in some severe cases. Rest is a great way to alleviate this pinched sciatic nerve leg pain. Stay in bed on a firm mattress for up to 3 days if some possible. Some people apply heat packs to the back this could be in the form of a hot water bag while others prefer ice packs. Recently a friend was told to lie on his Tummy as this would put less pressure on the spine and allow the spine to rest in its normal curved position.