Pilonidal Cyst Treatment For Faster Relief

Pilonidal cyst treatment is essential when there is an infection in the pilonidal cyst that appears in the end on the backbone, near the tailbone called the coccyx. It is seen to occur in human males mostly in the age between eighteen and twenty four. Initially it may appear less painful but in advanced stages it may get intolerable.

How does an infection occur?

As soon as the pilonidal cyst gets an infection it becomes an abscess. Regarding the cause of the abscess there are many opinions but most doctors are of the opinion that hair undergrowth inside the follicle is responsible for this infection. The hair along with debris of skin and tissues cause the abscess to be filled with pus. Often there is a channel between the follicle and the skin from where the pus may ooze in form of a secretion. Pilonidal cyst is a form of boil and antibiotics will not help it to get cured. The only pilonidal cyst treatment is creating an insertion on the boil and getting rid of the pus and unwanted material. The infection is very painful. All those infected feel terrible pain in the lower part of their backbone with gross discomfort in doing any kind of work. Apart from this there may be swelling and in more severe infection the patient may feel feverish.

Pilonidal cyst treatment- home remedies and clinical remedies

Regarding pilonidal cyst home remedies, I would like to inform that these are effective only in the initial stages but in case the infection gets very severe, it needs medical attention. Hot or cold compress may be one of the very useful pilonidal cyst home remedies. Sitting in a tub filled with hot water may provide temporary relief. Tea tree oil is a very potent antiseptic agent. It is used in many clinical infections. If a person cleans that part of the area with a mild solution of tea tree oil and water, he may get relief. The idea behind using this therapy is to remove the infection by the application of antiseptic. But home remedies are effective initially, if the infection as grown it cannot be done without proper consultation of a doctor. The doctor may ask for a physical examination. He will check the affected area and will decide when to get the insertion done. You must know that the cyst if infected cannot be cured with antibiotics. The pus and the hair that in growing under the skin has to be removed. The first kind of insertion is done on the boil and after removal of the pus the gap is filled with gauge. The gauge needs to be removed and the cavity has to be dressed till it gets healed. The next kind of insertion is called Marsupial and in this process the tissues in the cavity is made to form a pouch. The third kind is made such that after removing the pus and rotten tissues, the cavity is sewn together to seal the wound.

A pilonidal cyst treatment is not at all very complicated but often the healing time may get prolonged.