Pick Up Girls and Women Successfully, Without Needing Any Pickup Lines

I’d like to let you into a little secret about dating girls. All women, whatever their age, want and expect eligible males to make passes at them.

Women goes to bars and clubs, and other places where people gather, purely for the purpose of being available and hoping that the right guy is going to come along and ask them out.

You don’t have to memorize a joke book of corny pickup lines. In fact using any kind of pickup line to try and get to know a female is more likely to blow up in your face. You see, women and girls are hoping to be approached in an open and honest manner.

Trying to use a pickup line may make them laugh, but it certainly will not impress them. And, believe me, you do want to impress them — but in the right way.

You’ll make a good impression on all the women in the room if you clean, your hair is tidy, your face shaven or your beard and mustache well-trimmed. a hint of aftershave or under-arm deodorant will not go astray. And you will want to have your shoes and your teeth brushed and clean.

All of these things seem terribly exciting and basic, but they are a strong indicator to any girl or woman that you take pride in your appearance. And having pride in your appearance is an indicator that you have good self-esteem.

Clean clothes are a must, as a clean hands and fingernails, for women do look for these things. While smart clothing, like a coat and tie are a plus under most circumstances.

If you look good like this, and you walk across confidently, you will be ahead of the game before you even open your mouth. All you have to do now is speak confidently and directly. Don’t try to be smart… spice just say something like, “I think you look beautiful. How about (fill in the blanks):

– having a dance with me?

– coming to a movie?

– going out with me to the theater?

– coming out to dinner with me?

– just having a coffee with me?

– letting me buy you a drink?

– sitting down with me, so we can talk?

Note than in NONE of these openings do you ask her to have sex with you. 99% of women would like to have some kind of relationship with you before they get around to thinking about sex. Space they want to feel that you see them as someone special and not just an easy lay.

In real life, very few women or girls are interested in one-night-stands. The few who really are interested in a one-nighter are likely to have self-esteem problems, and you would do very well to stay clear of them.

Ask the lady out politely and be seen to treat them well when you are in public. It shows you know how to treat a lady. Then, when you get to know them on a more personal level lady will let you know exactly how she likes to be treated. So pay attention, then you will do well.