Physical Exercise And Nutrition Against Insulin Resistance And Diabetes Type 2


Insulin resistance is a serious metabolic disorder which is very often a precursor of diabetes type 2 and more generally ot the metabolic syndrome.

If insulin resistance is present the peripheral tissues and mainly the muscle cells do not respond adequately to insulin trying to put some of the blood sugar in the cells.

To compensate for this,the pancreas produces more and more insulin in a desperate attempt to control blood sugar levels. The resulting hyperinsulinemia manages to control the situation– despite the other health problems that it might cause.

But for how long will the pancreas be able to respond to this excessive demand of work?

Sooner or later it will be exhausted and then we will have the onset of the much dreaded diabetes type 2.

Diabetes type 2 is sweeping over the developed countries and is a real menace for the civilized world. More and more people succumb each year.
Diabetes type 2 will markedly downgrade the life quality of the sick people.

What can we do to improve our insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes type 2?

1. Systematic physical exercise including both aerobic activities and free weights.

– Aerobic exercise, 4-5 times / week for 40′-45′ each time at a 70% of  the maximum heart rate.

– Free weights,2-3 times /week for 20′-30′ each time.

2. Lose weight and especially fat from the midsection.

3. Adopt a healthy nutrition:

– Drastically reduce the consumption of sugar and refined grains.
– Generally reduce all high glycemic index foods.
– Increase consumption of fibrous vegetables,fruits,legumes and whole grains.
– Include low fat protein and healthy monounsaturated fats.

4. Control stress and getting adequate sleep.

To your great health!

Chris Strogilis