Phone Phobia – Fear of Talking on the Phone

There are a lot more people with a phone phobia than most people would assume. Unfortunately, most people never realize that they actually can do something about it – they never take notice of the fact that there is something they can do to overcome their fear of talking on the phone. In this article you will learn about three things you can do to get rid of your telephone phobia.

Before you take any step to overcome this fear, take some time to figure out what it is exactly that you are scared of. For example, some people are afraid that they will be misunderstood on the phone. Some people are afraid of calling someone – while others are afraid of taking a call when the phone rings. And some are afraid of both. Some people are afraid that there will be a confrontation on the phone. Some people are afraid that they will talk with the wrong person – or that their conversation might be overheard by someone who should not know about this.

The first thing that you can do to overcome your fear of the phone is to just think about a phone call that you ought to make, but are scared of. And then just pick up the phone and pretend as if you would be making the call – but do not actually dial the numbers. But have the phone conversation, and just imagine what the other person would answer. Actually do play out the whole phone conversation. And then, after you have finished it and hung up the phone, ask yourself: “what could I have said differently to make this a better phone call?” And write that down. This way, you can practice your phone conversation skills and become better at it, and that will bolster your confidence.

Another thing you can do to overcome your fear of talking on the phone is to roleplay – find a friend and ask him or her to practice a phone conversation with you. Make sure that this friend understands the details of the situation, so that they can be as realistic a conversational partner as they are able to. After the phone conversation, ask yourself what you could have done better, and write down a couple of words. Then, ask your friend for feedback, and write down that too, and then practice it again.

But finally, in the end, the human mind is a funny thing – it doesn’t work with rational reasoning, especially when you have to deal with such a thing as a phone phobia. That is why you might consider hypnosis to get rid of your fear of talking on the phone.