Phobias' Mystery Revealed – The Fear Factor


Phobias are provoked by traumas and by mistakes of the human conscience, which is undeveloped and functions based on one psychological function that is completely developed and another one partially developed, whereas the other 2 functions remain in an atrophic condition.

People make many mistakes because they follow their one-sided human conscience, which obliges the organism to defend itself by causing phobias. While all psychological disturbances and diseases are provoked by the anti-conscience, phobias are provoked by the wise unconscious to protect and cure the absurd selfish and one-sided human conscience.

Thus, phobias reflect the mistakes that a person is making. For example, if someone suffers from agoraphobia (fear of closed and crowded places), it is because he or she is staying in closed places for too long or being occupied in activities that are too concentrated only on one aspect, like one of the first patients I treated in 1990.

When someone suffers from thalassophobia (fear of the sea or ocean) he or she is afraid of the craziness in the wild side of their conscience. You can find more information about the meaning of the sea in dreams (and in reality that can be interpreted in the same way) in my article, "Dream Symbols-The Sea and Craziness."

I cured a girl who was afraid of the sea. She had too much hate accumulated in her psyche and was afraid of a nervous explosion or crisis; this is why she was afraid to even walk near the sea.

She was completely cured through dream interpretation, since she discovered what was causing her problems and what she had to do in order to be cured. In fact, dream interpretation is the only method through which we can easily understand which mistakes cause phobias and how they can be corrected.

In 1991, when I visited my father in Brazil after a long time, I observed he suffered from hierophobia (fear of sacred things and priests). We approached a church and I mentioned that he should talk with the priest and ask him if he could stay in the Catholic community and be treated by a nun, since he was becoming too old to live alone and his house was in a horrible state. His indifference to the mess and filth in the house was a confirmation of the degree of his craziness.

He is schizophrenic since I was born. However, he was always very kind with me because I inherited his facial characteristics and I was a quiet and intelligent child. He was a monster or a hypocrite actor to everyone else, depending on the situation.

I had to abandon the idea of ​​entering in the church with him because he had a nervous attack as soon as we parked the car near the church. He started shouting and telling me that he did not need to confess anything, that he already had confessed to the priest of the church near his house, who was his confessor. He refused to get out the car and he looked so terrified that I understood that I should not insist.

I noticed he had removed a small statue of Saint Mary that once was at the front part of his house when I first came, but I did not ask him why it was not there anymore. He refused to even look at the church and he became very irritated with me because I had the idea of ​​going there. This fear can easily be justified by his sins …

The girl who was afraid of the sea was also afraid of the lift. She never entered a lift, no matter how many stairs she had to walk up. This is a phobia that does not have a name because it is a phobia that started appearing only after invention of lifts, while the list of the existent phobias is considerably old. ( The Click here the if you want to see a list with all the known Phobias: Http:// The Indexed Phobias List)

The explanation for this fear is the same as fear of the sea. She had far too much hatred accumulated in her anti-conscience, which is represented by the sea in dreams and also represented by what exists underground. The girl was afraid to suddenly go underground (which could happen in the lift) because she would suddenly have to face all the hatred accumulated there.

All phobias have Greek names, so if someone speaks Greek like me, it is very easy to understand each phobia's meaning by its name.

However, the most important language one should know in order to be able to cure someone with phobias is the symbolic language of the unconscious by which we receive wise messages in our dreams.