Phobia Types – Every Fear Imaginable

There are phobia types for every occasion. You name it, and there's a phobia for it. However, we'll be concentrating on ten different types in this article. The names are all tongue twins, so I'm glad I'm writing this and not having to speak the names, otherwise I might suffer from our first phobia, Glossophobia, which is the fear of public speaking. If faced with these words in public, I really would be terrified!

Couple this to the fact that I might even become a victim to Phobophobia, which is a fear of having a phobia in the first place. When you think about it, this must be particularly unpleasant. You may not have clue what sort of fear will trigger a phobia, so you go through life in a constant state of terror.

Another type of phobia is Gelotophobia, which is a fear of being laughed at, more accurately being ridiculed. No-one likes this, unless they're a masochistic turn of mind, so consciously or unconsciously we all try to keep out situations where this might happen.

Another nasty one is Gephyrophobia, which is a fear of bridges. This is a fairly common concern and quite understandable, when you consider you're good knowing how many feet above some horrible looking river and all that seems to be holding you up are some thin looking cables.

Now this next one of a beauty, and tailor made for Hollywood. Gerascophobia, the fear of aging. The psychiatrists in Tinsel Town must be making millions off these stars suddenly, to their horror, find a – dare I say it – wrinkle! It's easy to have a chuckle over this, but imagine some beautiful woman who's landed roles, partly because of her looks, to suddenly find that the old man with a scythe is peeping at her over the horizon.

Then of course there's one of the most common phobias, Aviophobia, the fear of flying. I think it's easy to promote such a fear when you're 35,000 feet above the earth in the great silver bird and suddenly you wonder how in the name of goodness you're actually staying up there. You think about the shape of the cross section of the wings, how the air passes over them, and then your mind is consumed by the engines. Supposing the chap who was supposed to fill the fuel tanks had an off day, and the tanks are only half full. And you're flying over a vast expanse of water. Oh, it's so easy to create a phobia out of this experience.

Acrophobia is another fairly common fear, that of heights. How these men work on tall buildings can do so is a perennial mystery. Some of us are terrified of standing on the curve!

Another one is a fear of clowns. This is called Coulrophobia, another type of phobia that can be considered paradoxical. After all, the poor old clown's doing his best to make you laugh, and all the while you're terrified of him.

Here's a phobia that's a sign of the times. Definitely a yuppie condition. Nomophobia, the fear of not being in contact by mobile phone.

The word 'Phobia' is from the Greek, Phobos, which means an uncontrolled and intense fear. Phobias are classified into three broad classes.

Agoraphobia, which is a fear of leaving the house or any place in which you feel safe. Panic attacks may follow this, but it can just as easily work the other way. The panic attack, when you're living in stark terror of going out, can certainly be classified as a phobia.

There's the social phobia, which involves a fear of mixing with a crowd of people.

Then the specific phobias, fears of snakes, spiders, and – believe it or not – women! Yes, it's true. Some men are absolutely terrified of having to meet and speak to a woman. Mark you, there are certain women who spring to mind who could frighten the life out of a battle-hardened marine, but we will not go any further with that one!

Phobias, really, are anxiety disorders, and are among the most common form of mental illness in women, and second in men over 25.

So watch the wrinkles, keep away from clowns and for goodness sake make sure you have a top of the line mobile phone. These types of phobias can ruin your day!