Phobia of Vomit – Dealing With Emetophobia

Many emetophobes find it very frustrating that even experts often seem unclear how to deal with a phobia of vomit and yet, this is more common than many of us realise. Many sufferers become highly skilled at avoiding situations which might expose them to vomit (either theirs or other peoples) and statistically, many are sick much less than an average person.

Some deal with their emetophobia by taking medication such as Tigan or Compazine (both prescription-based) or some buy over the counter medication. Others try to boost their immune system by eating a healthy, albeit very restrictive diet and take supplements.

Despite the fact that most people with a phobia of vomit are rarely exposed to situations where there is vomit, the real issue is the mental stress and worry that this could happen at any time and this is often in the forefront of the mind, meaning that sufferers cannot enjoy the things we all take for granted and often enjoy, such as going to parties, socializing, going on vacation and even attending to our children when they are ill. Indeed, many emetophobes will actually postpone having children until they learn how to control the fear.

Although there is no solution which works for everyone, some experts successfully use desensitization. This involves introducing the person with a phobia of vomit to “risky” situations, such as riding a fairground ride to eating foods they would normally avoid. This would be done in very gradual stages starting off with very low risk activities. Some specialists recommend a more radical approach which immediately “throws them in at the deep end” by exposing them to high risk scenarios immediately, but the stress experienced by those with a phobia of vomit means that they will rarely (and understandably) go along with this option!