Phobia Of Driving – Treatment For Your Driving Anxiety


Driving phobia can occur when an individual undergo a traumatic event such as road accidents, near misses or even something mild (like feeling uncomfortable with high-speed freeways). Because humans have the tendency to associate familiar feelings to a particular situation, these traumatic events can slowly build into driving phobia. For example, you may feel uncomfortable about merging into highways and thus, every highway episodes will trigger memories of your initial uneasiness. Over time, this can deteriorate into fear of transiting into highways.

Anyone who suffers from driving phobia or any other form of driving related anxiety can easily relate to the emotional suffering and limitation brought by their phobia/anxiety. For example, you may avoid driving on high-speed freeways, hills or even bridges because they terrify you. You can also experience scary, uncontrollable thoughts that completely overwhelm you. Physical symptoms can also manifest as severe panic/anxiety attack while driving: rapid heartbeat, hyperventilation (over-breathing), feeling faint and nausea, tunnel vision, etc.

Let untreated, you may stop driving altogether and be totally dependent on family members and friends to fetch you around.

The treatments for driving phobia/anxiety must come in the form of behavioral and mental conditioning. Drugs and medication have limited application in driving phobia/anxiety as they can only suppress your physical symptoms – they can never help you overcome your phobia/anxiety.

Behavioral and mental conditioning works by slowly subjecting yourself to your phobias or situation that triggers your anxiety. During the process, you would need to experience the fear without running away and thus, becoming less sensitive to the situation. This idea is simple and it does not necessitate the help of professional (although you may choose to do so if you are really uncomfortable about it). Nevertheless, professional help or not, certain level of courage and determination is required as you would need to confront your fears and overcome them.