Phobia of Dogs – Cure For Fear Or Phobia of Dogs

Phobia of dogs is a relatively common condition that many people share on various levels. You may have a mild aversion the pets or you may avoid leaving your home because you fear an encounter with a canine. Whether mild or sever, your phobia can have a negative impact on your daily life.

Fear of dogs is somewhat natural, but excessive anxiety and apprehension are indicators that you may be developing a phobia. When the condition reaches the point when you can’t avoid thinking about dogs and you are constantly feeling stress about an encounter, you may have a phobia.

Causes of Phobia of Dogs

Your dog phobia may have begun when you were very young. A frightening encounter does not have to be one that causes you physical harm in order for excessive fear to develop.

Some people do not know why they are afraid of dogs. They may have had experiences at very young ages or they could have seen a frightening event in person. Sometimes a simple television show can cause excessive fear in some people. Your natural response to the frightening situation plants a seed of fear in your mind.

The Seed of Fear

This seed may have been fostered as you grew. You continued to see canines as threats and the seed flourished into a tangled web of apprehension and anxiety. Your subconscious mind holds on to the initial feeling of fear in order to keep you from getting into a dangerous situation.

Fear as a seed is a good thing. You should avoid dangerous encounters with dogs but you have to be able to distinguish between a real threat and a perfectly safe situation.

Unfortunately, as your seed of fear grows in your subconscious, it tends to protrude into your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Your mind becomes overgrown with thoughts about canine encounters and you begin to change your behavior to accommodate those irrational thoughts.

Changes in Behavior

Fear is a very powerful emotion that can drive you to make changes in your life that are unnecessary. You may find that you are unable to take a walk down your street without feeling panic. Visiting friends and family may be impossible if they have dogs.

Gradually, you feel the dog phobia spill into your daily routine. You try to avoid them at all cost and this may lead to fear of leaving your home. It is imperative to seek help before your condition gets to the point that you become a shut-in.

Planting New Seeds

Self-hypnosis offers a viable way to deal with your phobia of dogs. The process doesn’t seek to remove the seed of fear. It works to plant new seeds that allow you to remain calm, rational and relaxed when having normal interactions with dogs.

As your subconscious mind allows the new seeds to grow and flourish, they become the primary source of your feelings and behaviors towards canines. Self-hypnosis can help to gain control of your phobia of dogs.