PFO Closure With the Coherex FlatStent

The Coherex FlatStent was initially used in October of 2007 under the direction of Professor Horst Sievert, an international cardiologist, in Frankfurt, Germany, to repair a Patent Foramen Ovale [PFO]. This new FlatStent will provide a better and more convenient way to close holes in the heart resulting from this common heart defect. The Coherex FlatStent is made up of three closure mechanisms and can easily be reclaimed or repositioned if that becomes necessary. Also, its small size reduces the risk of thromboembolism, providing peace of mind for patients requiring it.

A PFO is a hole used by a fetus to allow blood to move from one side of the heart to the other without passing through the lungs since the lungs are not functioning while in the womb. This hole usually closes once the baby is born, but on some occasions, it does not, resulting in the condition reported to as PFO. Roughly 25% of the population is considered to have a PFO.

This condition causes a problem when there is pressure inside of the chest caused by such things as coughing, wheezing, or training. When this pressure occurs, the hole opens up, allowing blood to leak through. The Coherex FlatSent is used to repair this hole to prevent blood clots from moving from the right atrium to the left atrium where the blood clots could then be sent to the heart or lungs, resulting in a stroke or heart attack.

Although there is usually no way to know if a person has a PFO until hey suffer from a stroke, once it is discovered, it can be decided if they would be a good candidate for the FlatStent. If you have been diagnosed with a PFO, contact your doctor today to find out if the Coherex FlatStent would be right for you.