Pet First Aid

Have you ever thought about the safety of your pet in everyday life? If something happened to your pet are you prepared to treat them? As in any emergency you need to be prepared in case proper care is not available to you immediately. It could be a minor scratch that needs a Band-Aid or something more serious that needs medication. If you have a first aid kit for your house be sure that you have a first aid kit for your pet or pets. The first few minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

Pet first aid kits are relatively inexpensive and are available at most pet stores. If you wish to produce your own kit you will need the following items: a carrying case or satchel, a pet first aid guide, a few 2″ x 2″ gauze pads, a few 3″ x 3″ gauze pads, at least one trauma pad, a 2″ x 5 yd wrap bandage and a 2″ x 4.5 yard conforming gauze rolled bandage. For instruments you will need a dog leash, a pair of scissors, tweezers, a pair of exam quality vinyl gloves, and oral syringe, a 1″ x 5 yard first aid tape roll, a thermometer, a jar of lubricating jelly and some 3″ cotton tipped applicators. For tropicals should have a burned relief pack, a few insect sting relief pads, some eye wash and hydrogen peroxide. Also include antiseptic cleaning wipes and antibiotic ointment packs.

If you love your pet or pets as much as I love mine you will want to make sure if something happens to them you can treat them. We all want our pets safe and healthy, so be sure to prepare yourself and be prepared to help your pet or pets and have first aid available at all times.