Pesticides Are Poisoning the Earth

Synthetic, chemical pesticides disrupt the balance of Nature. Messing up the balance of Nature is NEVER a good thing.

If Man did not exist on the planet Earth, events would fall into place beautifully. There would be no pollution. Although there could be natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., it would all be fixed according to the laws of Nature.

If a fire happened due to natural causes, like a fire caused by lightning… immediately after the fire, the normal course of reforestation would commence and new habitats would be formed. An Earth in balance heals itself.

It is like a human body getting a bruise. If you accidentally bump into the corner of a desk with you left leg, damage would be done, a bruise would form, and the body would begin the healing process right away. All the bodily functions involved would automatically do their part in healing the bruise. Temporary soreness would quickly be replaced with healed tissue and all is good again.

The human body in balance. Always a good thing.

But when any organism – small, large, simple or complex – is out of balance, then everything is out of whack.

If a human body is compromised and out of balance, a bruise takes on a whole new level. If the immune system is shot, the blood thinned too much from medicines, or improper nutrition hampers recovery… then healing is difficult. A bruise can take much longer to heal – if it heals at all.

The same with the Earth.

Synthetic pesticides are toxic chemicals that DO NOT EXIST naturally. They are man-made concoctions that our Earth has no way to filter out or eliminate. They accumulate and cause damage all along the food chain. In humans, this bio-accumulation causes health issues like Cancer, ADHD, Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In the environment, synthetic chemical pesticides poison soil so that it no longer bears crops. These horrible toxins kill honey bees that are so necessary for crop pollination. They cause species to become extinct and create Franken-creatures with freak show birth defects. And they poison our water supply.

The only way to balance the Earth in any way when it comes to toxic, synthetic pesticides is to STOP using them. Period.

This is not a Chicken Little “The sky is falling!” freak out. This is the truth. If we continue to pour copious amounts of these man-made toxins into our Earth, we will poison it and therefore our existence beyond repair.

Is that where our Earth is headed? If we don’t prioritize getting the Earth back into balance, it is headed for disaster. A man-made disaster of our own doing.