Performance Anxiety – Taking Away the Stage

As a performer, you’ve probably had numerous years of training, whether professional or otherwise. But despite the number of years that you’ve trained, and despite the number of times you’ve performed successfully, you may still be haunted by performance  anxiety , and this can put easily jeopardize your career. Now is the time to act, and you can do so by making use of natural  anxiety  treatments for your performance  anxiety .

Performance  anxiety  is a popular bad guy when it comes to all performers, and usually manifests itself with physical experiences such as  anxiety , poor concentration, loss of focus, tremor, forgetfulness, stammering and tension. What’s worse it that you may even fear performing and may try to avoid it as well. Performance  anxiety  can even cause you to have self sabotaging behaviors right before and right on your performance. It may also lock up some bodily functions, especially those related to your performance. As a singer, you may find yourself unable to sing in front of the public, or a dancer may find it difficult to move particular muscles.

One of the most common things that performers resort to in order to cure their problems is by making use of prescription medication. However, these prescription medication contain synthetic chemicals that can cause side effects – both to the user’s health and performance. Other performers may try psychotherapy to get to the root of their performance  anxiety , but the usual effects of this method is usually temporary if ever it is effective.

Of course, most performers want quick solutions when it comes to treating performance  anxiety . Likewise, you too would also want to have something that’s quick and effective and does not have detrimental effects on your health and on your performance.

That is the reason why plenty of performers are now trying out natural  anxiety  remedies to help relieve them from their problems. Natural  anxiety  relief is not only limited to the use of herbal supplements, but other natural treatment as well.

First, though, let us talk about herbs. There are numerous herbs that have been used for centuries in order to treat  anxiety  in the most natural manner. They have been found to be effective. Some even work just as well as prescription medication. Plenty of these herbs do not pose the typical side effects that come along with regular medication. Some popular herbs are Passion Flower, Valerian Root, HTP – 5, L – Theanine and Hops. These usually come in supplement form and are available either locally or on the internet.

Performers can also try other natural methods of controlling  anxiety , and among these are deep breathing exercises, physical exercises, meditation, aromatherapy and more. These are relatively safe methods that can easily be tried and administered anywhere. Finding someone you can talk to can also be an uplifting experience as well.

Do remember, though, that performance  anxiety  usually rests on negative emotions. Self awareness is also very important as it helps you tap out the negative emotions that cause the  anxiety  in the first place. This, along with the right natural remedies for  anxiety  can be a perfect combination that will jumps start your transformation from an anxious performer to a confident star.