Pepper Spray for Coeds – The Best Defense for a Coed Against an Attacker


If you have a daughter who is going to college then coed protection should become a matter of concern due to the co-existence of individuals in learning facilities.

This very nature of having both sexes learning under the same environment may pose some threats, some of which may be in the form of gender-based violence.

There is also a higher probability of sexual harassment, mostly to the female students by their male counterparts. Since being in possession of weapons is prohibited in schools and as well can lead to opening of legal proceedings, Pepper Spray becomes an object of choice to many would-be victims.

Considering the high tendency of many students operating in gangs, female students walking at night may rapidly fall victims to assault and even rape.

So how do you as a parent help your coed prevent potential trouble? The answer is to give her a can of Pepper spray. Why? Because one or two squirts into the face of her attacker will stop him in his tracks. In fact, just by aiming the can and warning the creep will generally stop most people unless they don’t mind experiencing one of the worst times in their life.

Now Pepper Spray is derived from the hottest cayenne peppers. The popular name for this chemical is oleoresin capsicum or OC. When sprayed into the face and eyes of an attacker will cause immediate, severe coughing with his eyes and nose burning and running so he won’t be able to see or even function for a few minutes.

In fact, the effects of Pepper Spray last for 30-45 minutes which will give you ample time to get away. Don’t forget to get a description of the attacker after you call 911. You want to make sure that this creep gets put away for what he tried to do to you.

Even though the effects of being sprayed makes the attacker seem like he is dying, this chemical is non-lethal to humans and animals.

Pouring water over the affected areas will help alleviate the pain. Remember I said ‘pouring’ water – if you rub the areas it only makes things worse. Hopefully your attacker won’t have read this article and will begin rubbing his eyes. Wouldn’t that be a shame!

You should always carry a can of Pepper Spray with you at all time, whether at dorm where there can be trouble or, more importantly, when you are out, especially at night.

Please don’t be the next victim of an assault. Pepper Spray will more than even up the odds if you are attacked. In fact, I would strongly bet on you if that were to happen.