Penis Thrush – Top 2 Penis Thrush Medications, Do They Really Work?


Penis thrush is an issue that many men suffer from, but very few talk about. Why? Because it is a scary thing to encounter when you first notice it. Most guys first think they have contracted an STD, but for the ones who are familiar with this issue, it becomes more of an embarrassing topic.

Because of the fear and embarrassment, guys try a do it yourself approach to relieving themselves of this problem. More often than not, the first step men make is to go to the pharmacy and pick up some anti-fungal cream. When that doesn’t work like they think, they then go to the doctor and are put on prescriptions. These prescriptions ultimately turn into more prescriptions, and higher dosed ones which make the situation even worse.

So what are the top 3 penis thrush medications? And do they even work?

First Medication – Anti-fungal creams:

Anti-fungal creams work great for reducing inflammation, soreness, redness and blistered skin. But they are horrible for long term success. The top three penis thrush topical treatments are Lotrimin, Monistat (yes – men can use it too), and Canesten. Basically anything with the ingredient “clotrimazole” in it will work for the skin issues associated with thrush.

The problem with the topical creams is that they are just that; topical. They do nothing in addressing the root causes of thrush and candida. Did you know that candida is associated with a poor immune system, diabetes, fatigue, depression and mood swings, hip and knee pain, joint pain, and digestive pain, just to name a few issues? How is a topical cream going to cure an issue that has all these internal problems attached to it?

Liquid or powdered Vitamin C in 2,000 mg doses for a week, along with a strict hygiene routine keeping the groin area clean and dry with a fragrance free soap like Cetaphil, will yield better results than slathering on cream for weeks on end.

Second Medication – Antibiotics:

Do antibiotics work? Yes! Do they work well? No! antibiotics are like the carpet bombing option of the medical world. Sure a few poor villagers get wiped out, but the target was struck in the process too.

Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria that is around and on the penis that actually control the spread of bacteria related to candida. By destroying the good bacteria, it actually allows only the bad bacteria to take over and colonize the area.

Some of the leading penis thrush antibiotics are: Diflucan, Levequin and Augmentin. In many instances antibiotics have been the sole cause of recurrent and chronic thrush. More specifically they have been recently found to be significantly connected to creating oral thrush in patients as a side effect.

So, do antibiotics work? Yes. Do they work well? No.

So what can be done instead?

Natural methods are advised more so than antibiotics. Why? Because natural methods, while not all are effective, are at least safe and will not cause thrush to multiply or spread rampant.

Penis thrush in particular benefits better from natural methods because you do not want to fool around with that area and make matters worse. More often than not, penile thrush sufferers are uncircumcised men.

The reason this is important because many of the bad bacteria associated with candida will live under the foreskin. This ultimately, comes down to a hygiene issue. If you do not currently have penile thrush and are uncircumcised then consider yourself lucky, and due your best to keep that area clean at all times, especially after intercourse or urination.

For men who are already suffering from penile thrush, there are a few things that can be done naturally and safely to alleviate a lot of the pain and will put you in the right direction for getting rid of penile thrush for good.

First, get Ph strips from the pharmacy and check your levels. If you have a Ph of lower than 7 then it is important to start a high alkaline/low acid diet. This can be done through diet, or through the use of alkaline drops put in distilled water.

Second, you can also try 2 tablespoons of organic unpasteurized (with the “mother” in it) apple cider vinegar, mixed with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda. Drinking this concoction one to two times a day will begin to regulate your Ph levels and start to eradicate candida from the root.