Penis Thrush – 3 Common Penis Thrush Causes


Penis thrush is no doubt an issue that at first can be frightening in terms of health, and shameful in terms of social stigma. But did you know that candida is common to every single human being? The difference between the ones who suffer outbreaks and the ones who do not is mainly due to how one's immune system and other bodily bacteria are able to control it. So first things first, do not feel ashamed.

Here I will lay out 3 common causes and recommend extremely easy natural methods that can eliminate candida anywhere on the body. But knowing why candida break outs happens is the first step.

Cause # 1 – The Immune System:

Yes, it does seem like everything begins and ends with the immune system. No doubt, most candida sufferers first shoot off to the pharmacy and pick up a topical itch cream, or go to the doctor and get an antibiotic to eliminate their issue. This is the wrong tactic for long term relief.

Topical creams do get rid of the itch, but not the candida. To do that, someone suffering from this issue should first increase their intake of Vitamin C to 2,000 mg per day.

A liquid vitamin C is light years better than Vitamin C in pill form because of the amount of the vitamin that gets absorbed in the system.

Antibiotics also wipe away the "good" bacteria that help the immune system fight off the bad bacteria that lead to outbreaks. Antibiotics are never a good idea for candida relief.

People with diabetes or certain STD's tend to have a weaker immune system, and their first line of defense is to definitely give the immune system a boost. Did you know that high stress can also be as damaging to the immune system as a disease also?

If you do not have diabetes or an STD, help your immune system by controlling stress.

Cause # 2 – The One You Love

Your partner may have latent candida and not even know it. This absolutely leads to both individuals passing candida back and forth to each other every time intercourse occurs.

If you are sexually active, it is best to not only get a test and check yourself for candida, but check your partner as well. While most candida symptoms are physically outward, there are a lot of internal symptoms that indicate candida which makes it difficult to know if your partner has it or not.

Penis thrush is also common with individuals who practice anal sex. Because of the bacteria issues, this type of practice, especially without a condom, more often than not greatly increases risk for candida.

A simple recommendation: wrap it up. If not, then make sure all areas where penetration occurs are clean and hygienic.

Cause # 3 – Is it Warm in Here?

Warmth to candida causing bacteria is like summer time at the beach; a destination. Bacteria will unduly grow in warm moist areas of the body. It is particularly important for penis thrush sufferers to keep that area clean, dry and cool.

To do that you can towel dry after a shower, keep the hair in the area very close cut, use a powder to soak up any moisture and wear loose underwear like boxer shorts.

But a warning is in place here. Do not use talcum powder as your powder of choice because of the ridiculous amount of chemicals in the powder. Instead, use tea tree oil powder. It's natural, and it will keep the area nice and dry.

Most of the issues associated with candida are not external issues. By improving the immune system, being responsible in your intimate life and keeping your genital area clean and dry, you can quickly start to see a diminishing in candida outbreaks.

More importantly, because every one is different, it is important to find a guide or information that relates to you and your body type more specifically.