Penis Thickness – How Thick is Your Penis and Can You Increase Your Girth?

Penis thickness is more important than length to some people. The average girth of the adult manhood is at around the 5 inch mark. Impressive penis thickness would be somewhere in the 6 inch to 7 inch mark. There is a simple test called the dollar bill test to see how good your penis thickness is.

The US Dollar bill is 7.4 inches in length. Wrap it around your erect penis at the middle of the shaft and see what the measurement comes out to. Depending on your penis thickness, the dollar bill will either tightly hug the penis or go around very easily with a lot of slack. If the dollar bill fits tightly around your penis, you have exceptional penis thickness and must be experiencing the great pleasures it can offer. A shaft with good girth increases the pleasures of sex for both the male and the female as its larger size triggers more surface area nerve endings in both the vaginal walls as well as the penis itself.

Do you have to settle for the girth that you have?

No, you need not settle with what you have. Enlargement is an absolutely reasonable and efficient process as long as you choose a right method. However, one should be realistic about their goals. It is just not possible to have a bigger penis overnight. Also, it’s important to stay away from pills and pumps that will give you very marginal gains that last just a few hours. Today, one will come across loads of advertisements that come with a promise of overnight results. These promises are merely advertisement gimmicks. By nature, it is not really possible to achieve long lasting results in a matter of few days. Like everything else in life, penis enlargement will take time because it is not an overnight process. So, stay away from false advertisements and costly tools. Most of the pills and penis enlargement tools will not only burn your time but also your hard earned money. At the very best, you will achieve temporary gains, which will fade away quickly. As they say, “Easy come, Easy Go”. I hope the point is clear now.

Wise choice for male enhancement.

Realistic penis enlargement takes about 4 to 8 weeks where one could achieve permanent gains in penis thickness and length with the help of penile exercises. Most of the time, one will have to devote at least 8 weeks to achieve significant results. These exercises are completely natural and in fact do more than size enlargement by actually improving the health of the penis.

How to perform penis exercises to increase penis girth?

To increase penis girth, it’s important to improve the blood flow to the penis. In other words, doing exercises that improve the flow of blood to the penis will increase penis girth. The method of increasing blood flow to the penis is called as milking or jelqing. Penis exercises are generally performed in semi-erection state.

To perform the penis girth exercise, one needs to place one’s index finger and thumb in an okay position around the base on one’s penis. One needs to have a good grip on the penis. However, one should not hold the penis very tight. What one should do is trap the blood in the penis and hold it in that position.

Once one maintains a good grip, one need to glide one’s hand along the penis shaft. This allows one to force more blood to the manhood area. By doing so, one will be able to gain larger penis girth over a period of time.