Penis Rash Home Remedies

Skin issues are common throughout the year, and many men develop a penis rash no matter the season. Preventing a penis rash is essential for good penis care, but so is knowing appropriate remedies for when a rash does strike a man’s favorite body part.

There are many treatment options available, and often the correct one will depend upon the cause of the rash. For example, sometimes the rash may be related to a yeast infection or to an STI and may require special care. However, for a common, everyday penis rash, the following are some remedies that a man might want to consider.

Oatmeal bath

Skin experts agree that there’s just something about oatmeal that tends to produce a positive reaction from skin. Oatmeal has been recommended for skin issues going back at least as far as 2000 years BC. Why the benefit? Mainly because there are ingredients in oatmeal that have a proclivity for skin healing. For example, oatmeal contains polysaccharides, which create a thin layer of protection that discourages flakiness. It also contains saponins, which are helpful in cleaning out the pores and reducing consequent rashes. Adding finely ground oats to bathwater is one way to get this benefit to the penis rash; another option is to buy an oatmeal-based soap and wash with this.

Aloe vera

Ah, the soothing feel of aloe vera on sunburned skin is familiar relief for millions of people. But aloe vera does more than just make a sunburn feel better; it can also make a rash that burns feel more comfortable. Aloe possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well, and many rashes are accompanied by inflammation. However, some men with especially sensitive penis skin may find aloe to be a little strong and should avoid its use for the rash. It’s also wise to avoid getting aloe too near the meatus, to avoid its slipping into the urethra.


Cucumbers are often used in women’s beauty treatments. For example, tired, sore eyes are often treated by placing cool slices of cucumber over the eyelids. Cucumbers and the human body are reputed to possess a similar degree of hydrogen content; some specialists believe this may be responsible for the plant’s ability to provide moisture to human skin. Well-moisturized skin helps to reduce rashes and itching. Using an actual cucumber for treating penis rash may be difficult, as it can be challenging to place slices on the member without them sliding off. However, it is possible to take several thin slices of cucumber, mix them with water and then mash them up into a paste and apply that to the skin for several minutes. Rinse with cool or warm water. (Hot water, in addition to being dangerous to the penis, can deplete the skin of natural oils which are necessary to maintain adequate dermatological hydration.)


These home-based remedies for penis rash are a good first step, but they may not do the trick alone, especially when the rash is persistent. A penis rash treatment plan should include the application of a first-class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A truly effective crème will offer a combination if moisturizers, such as a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). This combination is crucial to adequately hydrate the skin and soothe the rash. In addition, a potent antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid) is desirable, as this helps create a shield to lock the moisture in where it can do the most benefit. Often a penis rash is stubborn because it is being exacerbated by bacteria. For that reason, a crème that includes vitamin A, which has proven anti-bacterial properties, should be employed during the treatment process. Selecting one crème that provides all these resources is the best option.