Penis Protection: Daily Do’s & Don’ts

A man has only one penis (well, except in exceedingly rare cases), so he really needs to practice proper penis protection to ensure nothing untoward happens to it. Maintaining penis health is a major goal for guys, and there are some daily routines they can practice that can help move toward that goal. With that in mind, the following dos and don’ts may prove educational and beneficial.

Penis protection tips

– Do wash daily. Keeping the penis clean is one of the best ways to help maintain its health. Washing regularly can help keep down on harmful bacteria and fungi, as well as battling the persistent penis odor that plagues too many men.

– But don’t wash mindlessly. There’s a right way to wash the penis – using warm (but not hot) water and a gentle cleanser. Hot water can scald the penis, as well as dry out the skin. And harsh soaps can also de-moisturize the penis or cause allergic reactions to chemicals and fragrances.

– And do wash under the hood. Men who are intact need to be sure to pull back the foreskin and gently wash there as well. This can help prevent smegma from building up.

– Do stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is crucial, especially for men in hot climates and/or those who work up a big sweat. Staying hydrated not only is good for overall health, it also provides penis protection. A well-hydrated man is less likely to have dry, flaky penis skin, and he’s also less likely to develop kidney or urinary tract issues.

– Do use a condom. This is one of the key penis protection tips. Unless in a monogamous relationship with a trusted partner, using a condom is necessary to help cut down on the risk of acquiring a sexually-transmitted infection (STI). Condoms are not a 100% guarantee against infection, but they reduce the risk significantly.

– Do ejaculate. Studies have shown that regularly ejaculating may cut down on the chances of a guy developing prostate cancer later in life. Plus, regularly using the penis allows a guy to gain greater familiarity with it, aiding him in his skill with using it.

– Don’t smoke. Smoking is bad for health, period, and works against proper penis protection. It can impact the immune system, which is not good. More specifically, it can also cause cardiac function problems and damage penile blood vessels, both of which can impact erectile function.

– Don’t skimp on sleep. Sure, there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done – but cutting down on sleep is no good. Men who get a proper amount of rest on a daily basis are generally healthier – and generally have livelier sex drives and fewer erectile issues as well.

– Do perform a self-check. Feeling around the penis and balls for any lumps or bumps can help alert a guy to potential problems. Also keep an eye out for sores, blisters, bumps, rashes, pains, or unusual discharges. If something seems out of the ordinary, talk about it with a qualified doctor.

– Do aid your penis protection regimen by the daily application of a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Like all the body, the penis benefits from exposure to vitamins, so select a crème that includes a wide range – such as vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E. The best crème will also include amino acids, such as L-arginine. This ingredient works to boost nitric oxide production, and that subsequently can help penile blood vessels to expand and open when extra volumes of blood rush to the penis.