Penis Enlarging Exercises – Natural Penis Enlarging Techniques


Hey, Scott here. Today there exists quite a few websites that contain information about penis enlarging exercises, but few of them actually go into any detail about the nature and “modus operandi” of these highly effective penile enlarging techniques. For that reason I have decided to write an extended article that explains specific use and effectiveness of the various types of male enlargement exercises being used today.

Before we get started, I want to briefly discuss the history and origin of penis enlarging exercises and other similar techniques that have developed in various cultures worldwide. Men worldwide have been performing penis enlarging exercises for thousands of years. The majority of these techniques are of Arabic origin with the remainder being developed by Egyptian, Chinese and Indian cultures. Most cultures use techniques that primarily consist of hand movements that use applied pressure to slowly force blood into the glans of a semi-hard erection, and although there are a few countries such as India that use stretching weights for enlargement, you should never confuse penile stretching with penis enlarging exercises. Penile stretching is very risky and can cause serious long term damage if not performed properly.

Ok, now lets talk about the two most important penis exercises that you will ever need to know. These highly effective penile enlarging techniques are called Jelqing and Kegel exercises. Jelqing is primarily used for enlarging the length and girth (thickness) of your penis, while Kegel’s are used to enhance overall erection quality and provide a large range of other exciting benefits.

Want to know a little more? Of course you do, so here we go:

  • Kegel Exercises – Kegels are the backbone of every penis enlarging program on the internet today, simply because they can be done anywhere at anytime and nobody will even know you are doing them. You know that little muscle that is used to stop the flow of urine when you pee? Thats called the PC Muscle, and it’s the very same muscle you use when doing Kegels. Kegels can be used to achieve harder, longer lasting erections and also work incredibly well to eliminate problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. You can never do enough kegel exercises, so fire away guys and get to kegeling!
  • Jelqing – Jelqing has also been related to “milking” which is a simliar type of penis enlarging technique that involves almost the exact same hand movements. To properly execute the Jelq, one must grab a semi-erect penis near the abdomen (I must stress here semi-erect only!) by making the “ok” sign with his index finger and thumb. The hand is then used to slowly and firmly draw the penis away from the body in a milking fashion, forcing blood into the glans to stimulate and encourage growth. Over the years, many different variations of jelqing have developed, although this method is the most common.

Now before you go running off to start your penis enlarging routine, there is one more very important step that you need to learn called the warm up. Warming up is performed right before and immediately after you finish your daily session of penis enlarging exercises. This step is crucial to preventing injury and necessary to further encourage growth within the soft muscle tissue and capillaries of the penis, so ignore this step at your own risk.

A warm up is performed by taking a large wash cloth and soaking it in hot water until it is thoroughly wet and warm. After wringing out the excess water, wrap the towel completely around your penis and testicles. Let sit for approximately two minutes and then repeat the entire process over again two more times. Another great method for warming up is to take a hot bath or shower for 5 to 10 minutes. This has the same effect as using a hot wrap, helping to improve circulation while loosening connective tissue and preventing injury.