Penis Enlargement Question – Does a Natural Enlargement Exercise Really Work?


It is important that you have the knowledge about the penis enlargement exercise and the impact of performing this activity. Many people have used this method and they have gotten good results from it. It has been mentioned by many people that stimulating the corpora cavernosa section of the penal will encourage the growth of new cells which increases the length and girth.

The corpora cavernosa section is consist of 2 chambers that run the length of your manhood. When you are aroused, your chamber will be filled with blood which will cause the appreciation to happen. These chambers are also responsible for the thickness and size of your manhood.

Beside corpora cavernosa, you will also want to take note of the pubococcygeus muscle which is also known as the PC muscle. This muscle is responsible for controlling your ejaculation. You will be able to last longer when you strengthen this muscle. Like any other exercises, you will be able to increase your penis size when you exercise it consistently over a period of time.

The main benefit of exercise is that it welcomes the flow of blood to your manhood. You will be able to have harder and stronger penis which enables you to last longer. To get things started, you can start off by using the "Towel Exercise". Here is how to perform the exercise:

Step # 1 – Arouse yourself until your manhood is in fully authenticated.

Step # 2 – Place the towel at the top of your manhood.

Step # 3 – You will now flex your penis so that it lifts the towel and relax. This is one repetition of exercise.

You will want to perform at least 25 repetitions per set of exercise. If your PC muscle is not strong enough, you might not be able to perform 25 repetitions per set so you will try your best to perform as many repetitions as possible.

It is very important that the exercise is safe to perform. You do not want to risk the injuring your manhood. It is worth the time to do some research to ensure that the exercise is safe and tested.