Penis Enlargement Methods – Why Some Can Be DANGEROUS to Your Health!

The penal expansion market, as you are probably aware, is completely swamped with different products and ideas and where this is good in theory as it provides more competition, cheaper prices and a wider selection of goods it also provides some products that are detrimental to your health. This article will be going through the most common penis enlargement methods out there and highlighting the dangers that some of the less reputable companies will tell you!

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Probably one of the most well known enlargement methods is the pump. The theory behind such pumps is that a vacuum is created around your penis causing greater blood flow and will there ever stimulate penis growth however this is simply untrue as the pump will only give you a larger penis for a short amount of time requiring you to constantly use it. Here is just a few of the possible side effects of using a pump for prolonged periods of time:

  • Peyronies Disease (upward curvature of the penis), tissue scarring and penis deformation
  • Blisters
  • Circulation Problems (especially bad if you already have circulatory / heart problems)
  • Burst Capillaries in the Penis

Is the risk of all of these happening to you worth the temporary result you will see from using a penis pump?

Penis Enlargement Pills

Now who has not received an email trying to sell some pills before? Do they work however? Not most of them. If you are really looking to go down the penis enlargement pills method then be very sure that you go to a firm that you trust and know that their product is not just plain rubbish. This is the problem with these pills, every companies pills are different and all seem to offer guaranteed results, here are just some of the problems with penis enlargement pills:

  • Most ineffective (Scam companies looking for a quick buck)
  • Most will just give you harder erections which is not the same as having a larger penis
  • Can be very expensive especially if they require a few months of taking
  • Some contain herbs and ingredients that have not had FDA approval and can there before be dangerous

For the money you have to shell out to take the full course of pills that the company says is required it simply is not worth the chance that you have got a dud product or that the product will even work for you!

Penis Enlargement Weights

This method has been widely practiced for centuries by many different cultures to help elongating the penis. The system is simple, you hang some form of weight off the end of your penis hiring that the stretching will cause some form of penis growth. Now many of you may already see the health risks involved in this but I am still going to highlight some of the flaws in this method of penis enlargement:

  • High risk of scarring and stretch marks on the penis
  • Potential chance of impotence through increased use
  • Will not affect girth, so your penis will be longer but thinner
  • Decreased sensitivity making it harder to maintain an erection
  • Just plain generally unsafe!

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Are you kidding me? Let some guy with a scalpel near my penis just to gain 1 or 2 extra inches do not think so. If you are thinking about surgery here are just a few of the downsides:

  • Very expensive costs run in the thousands of pounds
  • Long recovery process, may not regain full use of your penis for months after the surgery
  • High failure probability
  • All surgery has risks