PCOS Syndrome – the Effects and Treatment

PCOS (Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) has numerous symptoms on the basis of that it can be identified and the treatment also depends upon them. Most common of them are infertility, uncommon gain gain and hair loss. In next few lines we will cover up most common effects and ways how to cure them up.

The first problem with all the women is the trouble in being pregnant so the cause must be discovered.

As PCOS is primarily responsible in women for a problem related to pregnancy because it can cause infertility. The therapy which includes stopping eggs production can not be used as it can cause hindrance in getting pregnant. So for treatment of infertility in PCOS syndrome must be done by inducing ovulation and this could be by administrating fertility treatment using fertility drugs. The ill effect if that is while the women ovulate, the chances of conception is low and is more likely to experience the bad reaction of drugs being used for fertility. So monitoring is very necessary.

Another treatment can be said by hormone injections. Ovarian drilling is the alternative when both the methods fail. The treatments we have discussed are time consuming and may have side effects. These conditions in addition can lead to a condition known as ovarian hyper stimulation.
Gaining weight unnecessarily is also an indication of PCOS syndrome. This weight gain is the result of hormonal imbalance and irregular flow of insulin in the body. So to treat it better you must eat smaller meals which keep the blood sugar normal and also regulate the insulin. Try to pick carbohydrates instead of sugar. The hormonal unevenness can include insulin, produced by the pancreas to enable the collapse of sugar in the bloodstream. Without the proper level of insulin, this process breaks down, many times consequential in the development of diabetes. So maintain your protein take and exercise routinely so that you can make it less.

In all women the testosterone albeit (called a male hormone) should be produced minimally. This hormone is responsible for features like balding in male. Although PCOS produce excess testosterone and this lead to producing excess hairs on face and back in women which are unwanted. To control this anti-androgen and birth control pills are advised but the solution is not for the women who are looking to conceive. As the treatment can not start immediately, cosmetics and hair removal techniques are the other option till some extra.

Some women experts' have disclosed that doing regular exercise such as walking, yoga can be very much helpful for alleviate the problems caused by PCOS syndrome. Yoga in this field can be very helpful as it relaxes the body and provide you a full comfort. So the hormonal balanced is established in our body.
If the women suffering from PCOS produces a high level of "Luteinizing hormone" (LH) which can be leading to miscarriage. To avoid such problem you may need to use the fertility treatment or stabilizing the LH level.