Patella Tracking Disorder – What Are the Best Knee Braces For It?

What is patella tracking disorder? A sign of patella tracking disorder is if you feel or hear popping, slipping, grinding or catching in your knee when you walk. Other signs are pain and discomfort in your knee when you walk down stairs, sit for a long time, stand after sitting or when you squat. You may also feel that your knee cannot support your weight and is about to give out.

This condition occurs because your kneecap is out of alignment. This means that when you bend or straighten your leg your kneecap shifts out of place. If you have this disorder your kneecap will usually move too far towards the outside of the leg. This could be caused by ligaments, muscles, or tendons that are too loose or too tight. It may also occur if you have cartilage damage in your knee. Left untreated you may also develop osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common type of knee arthritis. It is more common for people who are over 50 or overweight. It may also cause stiffness, pain, swelling and inflammation in the joints.

Is there anything that will help my pain? If you have pain from this condition, you may want to try using a brace. Knee braces for patella tracking disorder can help you in several ways. These braces provide both compression and support for your knee. Knee braces for patella tracking disorder stabilize your knee cap, which keep the knee cap properly aligned. The force is directed to help keep the kneecap in the proper position and prevent misalignment with the use of this brace. Knee braces for patella tracking disorder can lessen your pain and help increase your activity level.

Knee braces for patella tracking disorder that you may want to consider using are: the Breg PTO High Performance Patella Femoral Knee Brace, the MedSpec DynaTrack Patella Stabilizer with Hinges, and the DonJoy Lateral “J”. These braces offer level II (additional) and level III (advanced) support and protection. The Breg ($163.75) is a level III brace, and it has excellent customer reviews. Both the MedSpec ($98.96) and the DonJoy ($58.95) are level II braces. They are both good braces for patella tracking disorder.

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