Party Punch Recipe – Tropically Fruity Yet Milky and Sweet, the Kids Will Love it and so Will You


One of the most essential drink items you could have at a kids party, or any party for that matter, is good old just as nature intended it, water. It is essential to keep those sweaty little bodies hydrated as sweet drinks just make you feel more thirsty, wanna pee a lot, and possibly even vomit….we speak from experience! So, make sure you have plenty of fresh cool water on hand.

That being said it never hurts to have at least one yummy punch or even one special individual mocktail for each child. Little kids love to feel like grown-ups, and surprising them with wonderfully decorative mocktails is a great way to show what a special occasion a birthday is.

One of my most requested party punches was actually a creation of my husbands, and can be delivered as either a punch or a mocktail.

All you need is:

  • 2 litres (which is roughly 2 quarts) of Lemonade

  • I can of tropical fruit salad

  • 1 can of Evaporated Milk…which is NOT condensed milk.

Now just mix it all together.

It probably sounds weird, but it is in fact completely delicious, but there is one secret to making it so, flat lemonade. So, open the lemonade the day before to allow it to go completely flat. Trust me, I have tried it fizzy and it just doesn’t work.

Now the canned fruit can be used in different ways, you can just simply plop it all in the punch, though much of it will sink to the bottom, which is fine of you are serving as a mocktail as the kids will love scooping out the fruit with one of those long Knicker Bocker Glory spoons. However, consider freezing the fruit and using as ice cubes, or even threading the fruit onto swizzle sticks or kebab sticks and using to decorate your mocktail. As long as you remember to put the liquid from the can IN the punch, it will taste great.

If you think the kids will turn their noses up at anythng lumpy, then simply turn it into a wonderfully refreshing smoothie, everyone loves smoothies, so give it a whiz and they’ll be none the wiser about the fruit content.

Mmm, it’s hot today; think I might go whip some up for myself.