Parsley and Kidney Stones

The kidneys are organs in the body that are used to filter certain minerals and metabolites from the blood, or circulatory system. These pass through the kidneys and out of the body through the bladder. Unfortunately some of the minerals that are found in the urine are able to crystallize and form solid deposits. These solid deposits are known as kidney stones.

There is an ongoing trend today, supported by years of research by people seeking natural remedies, for people to turn to these for relief. Parsley for kidney stones is by no means a new innovation. Throughout the ages the unassuming herb, known to us as parsley, has been used not only for cooking, but for medicinal purposes also.

Parsley can be tracked way back to the days of Hippocrates. He used it for many medicinal purposes as well as both bladder and kidney stones. It was also put to good use by Hippocrates as being a general cure all that would even provide an antidote for poisons.

Parsley is extremely rich in Vitamins A and C, it reduces inflammation and cleanses the body of toxins. The ancient Greeks had an almost reverential fear of parsley as legend has it that Archemorus was left on a parsley leaf as a baby and a serpent ate him. Pretty scary stuff when you think about it?

Many old remedies are used today that used to be thought to be old wives tales. Parsley is now a recommended alternative treatment method. It cleanses the blood, prevents stones from developing and is also good for prostrate problems.

Parsley juice may be purchased at herbal or health stores and although it doesn’t taste to fantastic, it is a fantastic natural remedy for kidney stones. Dried parsley is not very nutritionally valuable, so no amount of dried parsley added to your food will help with kidney stones. It really does need to be in its, most natural or pure form.

Parsley may also be used to settle the stomach or stimulate digestion, reduce inflammation, regulate the menstrual cycle, stimulate appetite, prevent and cure kidney stones (in fact it is good for all ailments of the urinary tract). It is a diuretic and is said to be good for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as inhibit tumor cell growth. It is an aromatic, yet bitter herb, with many healing and therapeutic properties.

In the US it is estimated that as much as 10 – 15% of the adult population will be diagnosed as having stones. The cost of treating this condition is phenomenal and in 2003, it cost $2 billion. Recurrence statistics estimate that once the condition has been diagnosed, it will happen again unless preventative methods are put in place.

Enduring the agony of passing them is no laughing matter. Parsley for kidney stones will assist in the prevention of ever having to endure this kind of agony ever again. Kidney stones can become quite large and the agony of having passed them is not something you want to experience more than once.