Parent & Baby Activity 3 – 6 months

Your baby can still enjoy the exercises from the first 3 months but you can also add the following:

o To help stimulate baby’s desire to learn you should encourage him to touch various items of all shapes, forms, materials and textures. Give him big items, small items (but not small enough to go in his mouth), round, square, long, short, thick or thin. Remember, don’t just use toys – make use of anything from kitchen utensils to fruit. You could also try to fill a little plastic bottle with rice, couscous or peas to make a rattle!

o Sit down with your legs straight and lay baby across your legs on his tummy. He must be able to touch the floor with his hands. Put a hand on his bottom or back to give some support. Put a toy on the floor in front of him and encourage him to play. This exercise is good to help develop coordination.

o From the age of 4-5 months your baby will want to see the world from a different perspective so he will try to sit up. If your baby lifts his head a little, this is an indicator that he wants to sit up. Offer your hands and if baby takes them, pull him up a little but not all the way. With patience, eventually baby should learn to pull himself up with your support.

o Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Hold baby around his middle and lift carefully then let him touch your legs slightly with his feet. His legs should start bending and straightening in a jumping motion.