Paralysis of Will

Most of us don’t know exactly what to do with our Earth Experience! Our identity eludes us, our sexuality confuses us, our minds obliterate us, our bodies ignite/subdue, our spirit exploits while luring us. In other words, we don’t recognize, relate or revere the converging ‘how to’ maximize human potential. In order to grasp/ indulge/satisfy our incessant sexual needs, establish and maintain financial freedom, invest the effort, energy and dedicated interest in spiritual growth, sustain physical well-being, (including optimal health), gratify our mind with rewarding stimulating challenging mental pursuits, while committing, focusing, and fulfilling our deepest inclinations to personal relationships, we slothfully ‘get by.’ Lazy and disinterested we “put it off” until “things get better” or we “have more time.” Sorry folks: we don’t have any more ‘time.’ Celestial calculated Time is exchanged in your very next breath. Milliseconds are escaping while we’re busy making excuses, apologies and explanations.

How long will you bemoan your present situation? Haven’t you bitched loud enough, almost to the point of making yourself sick? You can only gripe until the “water turns to wine”. Then, you’re drunk on your own prefabricated disillusions, regrets, and yes, left over resentments. How fast the words: “I’ll love you for all eternity” or “I’ll never leave you”, quickly dissipate when you no longer see tangible benefit.” Cold, but true. Sure, we get subtle glimpses along the way we oft’ times misinterpret and/or over analyze; stumble into this or that attracting hopeful situation, relationship or career only to find out “it’s not for me.” We pursue goals and aspirations others have set for us simply because we’d be ‘good’ at it or it’s the ‘logical’ thing to do. Sometimes, we even convince ourselves to engage our energy, attention, effort and time in a so-called worthy causes. We follow to the best of our ability, what we believe to be, obvious signposts and symbols, nebulously perceiving that’s certainly where our passions lead. Yet, somewhere just before the end of THAT journey, sometimes, even sooner, we lose our momentum. We begin asking ourselves why we are doing what we are doing and WHO are we doing it for? Certain romances/relationships/positions reflect the irresolute anxiety much sooner than others. It all depends how much expectation is involved. It all starts out like a gang fire, then fizzles into a flint. What went wrong? At what point did we lose our bubbling enthusiasm, childlike innocence, sense of wonderment and awe? When did our ‘this time’ inspiration fade?

It faded in the initial spark of desire. It began to dwindle the instant our human will “set out to get something from it.” Yet again, our guileful motivations beset us! Instead of simply experiencing the event for the sheer enjoyment or pain involved, we, as humans, lust after a specified result becoming so attached to that result, we putrefy the experience. Therefore, leading to grotesquely identified exaggerated magnified disappointment! A Paralysis of Will sets in to defeat and disengage us. Immobilization follows. Until, once again, we turn our attention to another diversion. It’s just that simple. Instead of embarking upon the unassuming path (Earth Walk) with no expectations, by simply placing one foot in front of another, we get tripped up, having confused our minds with such unruly unsettled beliefs, that something better, more wonderfully fabulous, exciting and sexually thrilling is going to come along, “make us writhe and groan in blissful ecstasy.” Aint true, my earthy comrades! Total misconception.

THIS is as good as it gets!!! Whatever you are inwardly feeling (aware of) at this precise moment, you will carry that level of consciousness with you in the next. “Don’t say that!” I hear you screaming. “Anything would be better than what I’m going through.” Just aint so. Nothing on the outside of you, in any situation, relationship, job, partner, circumstance, and/or event financial or physical won’t/can’t make your tweeter twat. The truth is girls, guys, aint nothing to get. We already have it. No need waiting for our ship to come in. Our ship has come in; we are sailing in it. We are carrying the infusion of our Earth Experience momentarily unfolding. IT don’t get ‘NO’ better than this! NO need to prepare, fret or anticipate. Whatever rendition you could imagine in your mind, would be far limited compared to what you are actually carrying in those cells, ‘bustin’ to express. I said, “This” is as good as it gets.

Whatever issue you are currently involved in and no matter from what state of/or frame of mind or point of reference you are drawing from, you find yourself in at this precise moment is: the best there is in you, for and round you. No other THING could be taking place. Nothing else. No one else. No place else. Surprise! The gig is up and the sky didn’t fall. How can a person possibly cope with the overt ‘piss in your cornflakes’ truthfulness of this revelation? Try to change it. Aint gonna happen! The truth stands while the rest falls away. Of course, you will have to come down from your lofty made up place of superiority and touch base with the rest of us on the ground. You will have to concede that the world can survive without your vital input and most of all you will have to settle for being plain ordinary. The divine reason we came to Earth in the first place, to learn how to be truly human. You can remember how to place value and appreciation in the tiniest things insignificant, ugly, vulgar, in the run of a so-called mundane day.

The truth is: it’s easy to be special – no talent needed, but quite another thing to be simply human. Being ordinary is the absolute most extraordinary feat to be accomplished in this life. What does that entail? Whatever comes naturally and conveniently in your delegated life. Don’t chase it!!! No one can take away from you what belongs to you on your path, to be used as part of an Earth Experience. Never. IF it’s inside of you: YOU will do it! You get what’s coming to you. Fame, fortune, notoriety, riches, recognition, love, sex,… “OH! Did I negate to mention you also get a certain amount of the other side of the coin, too?” But, only in the exact precise amount, allocated for you and your perfectly designed Earth Experience. [Nobody gets out of this place alive.]

Your name is stamped on that box of goodies. What has been commissioned to you, in you, for you. You are carrying the only expression of it. You are destined to reveal it in your lifetime. So, relax and let the good or bad times roll. The season will change and you, with it! An irresistible peace of mind and heart full of contentment is yours, right now. Here in the moment. Will you take it? Can you be hu-man? Not possible if you continue with your babbling criticizing idiotic games in love, romance, business and war. Of course, you can continue with them, if you so choose; just remember not to take them so personally. Accept your life as it presently exists, with lucid perception that every single thing that happens to you in your life and that has ever happened from divorce to death and birth to bliss has been ordered precisely and exactly (without error or unnecessary disturbance) in the exact fashion of how you wanted it to be. It’s your call. From the beginning of your countless soul’s journeys in this sphere of cosmic activity throughout the dispensation of time called Earth, you are the walking embodiment of your sacred expression of artistic talent. “Be still and know that you are…”