Paralysis of Analysis

Friday I had a meeting with a physician that I have met with numerous times over the last few years. He knows he has a problem, but can’t get past the fact that he has spent a very large amount of money on an existing software that has EMR/EHR and practice management combined. The work load of the system and the lack of reporting capabilities means he is losing money and does not know how to stop it.

This is not the first instance I have encountered and certainly will not be the last. I understand the difficulty of having spent a lot of money on something only to find out it is inefficient and costing you money but at some point it must be realized that it cannot continue. I think that decision was finally made.

It does not matter what you spent on the software, if it is not performing as it should, GET RID OF IT!!! and contact someone who knows how to help. That being said, you have a difficult task on your hands because there are a lot of charlatans out there and you may simply wind up throwing the baby out with the bath water. Allow me to digress for a moment-do you know where that expression originated. It seems that in jolly old England, folks only took a bath once a year. The eldest, mother and dad usually unless there were additional older generations in the household and this was common, got to bathe first. Then next oldest and so forth on down the line. The last bathed was the baby. By this time the water was so dirty it was difficult to see the baby in the water hence the expression, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”.

What I am getting at, is to find a good reliable company that specializes in getting you paid. One that has been around at least ten (10) years and can sit down with you (preferably in their office so you will not be distracted) and show you the results you would like to see. These companies are few and far between. They usually do not advertise and have a very stable client base. They ensure that all checks come to you not to them and that the two of you have a very open line of communication. The best will have only one data entry position assigned to you entering all charges and payments so that all questions from you, your patients, and the insurance companies can be answered by that one person. They are also cross trained so that in the event someone is sick or out for other reasons another person knows how the data is entered and how to answer your questions. It is best if the office has protocols that allows for all data regardless of practice to be handled in the same way. That means that anyone in that office can easily cover for another employee.