Paralysis of Analysis

A MLM Marketing Disaster


Ralph E. Bass, Jr.

Are you having trouble getting started in the Internet Network Marketing business? If so, your problem may be Paralysis of Analysis. Here’s the deal, there is a LOT of stuff to learn in the Internet marketing business. As such, here are some of the problems Internet marketing wantabe’s face:

I Can’t Ever Seem to Learn Enough

In fact, there is a lot to learn. Every new web page, every new email promises riches if you only follow their system or plan. So you find yourself reading and reading and reading a never ending list of books, articles, emails, web pages and e-books. When do you know enough to start? And what do you do when these experts disagree with each other?

The Great New Plan I Just Discovered

You are excited about this Internet marketing thing, but scared too. And you know what feeds that fear? An email about the new Johnnie Rocket Wealth Generating Internet Marking Plan Guaranteed to Produce 200 New Reps a Day for Your MLM Business. “O man, I’ve got to get this one. This guys light years ahead of the competition. And for only $297 he is going to let me in on it!”

The fact is there isn’t much difference in any of these plans. Most of them hit the essential points and therefore one is about as good as another. So when you flip from one plan to another it cost you valuable time and money. Do you want a better plan? Thoroughly develop one plan, master it, and then consider new innovations and nuances as you work with it. Everything can be made better in time. But you can’t require perfection of yourself and your plan before you begin.

The Plan-less Plan

Everyone has a plan. The problem is it’s not always the same plan ever day. On one day there is a rush of activity to get that web page up and running. This is followed by the utter necessity to write those Autoresponder emails. And how can I get traffic if I don’t write those Ezine articles? My word, what about the landing pages? Hello, have you forgotten MySpace? And the flipping goes on. There is no question that all these things need to be done; the problem is they can’t be done this way. Nothing will get done well if there isn’t a focus on the project till its completion.

The Ultimate Fear

And to make things just a bad as you can, you find yourself stalked by the greatest of all fears: “If I don’t get this thing going soon, I’m going to go broke.” The dark shadow of financial disaster can paralyze you with fear; at which point, nothing gets done well, if anything gets done at all.


Recognize that it is not possible to become a professional until you spend some time in the industry. Don’t fail to start because you have not mastered the topic. Give yourself a few years to do that.

One focused plan will go a long way to keep you from switching projects in the middle of other projects. If you will focus on one plan, you will make greater progress and do better work.

You must stop reading about the great new plan that just came in your inbox. Master one plan, grow it, modify it, and change it later. If you do, then you just might discover that you have created the “great new plan” that everyone needs to succeed in Internet marketing.

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