Panic Attacks – What Can Trigger Them?

Anxiety disorders and panic attacks can strike anyone under the sun. They do not seem to spare even the youth, children, and elderly people. Everyday, a case of one or the other is being reported. More and more people are approaching doctors and therapists with problems of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.


There is a wide range of treatment plans for these maladies; however, doctors and their patients fail to analyze the root causes of anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

Panic attacks can come suddenly, while others have a definite, known cause. However, every disorder has some factor responsible for it.

Here are some common factors that cause these anxiety issues.

1. Genetic

Studies have revealed the fact that people can inherit their panic attacks or anxiety disorders from their maternal or paternal ancestors. The disorder can be passed on from the paternal or the maternal side of the family.

Twins are more susceptible to panic attacks; if one twin gets it, the other developments a panic attack too.

Many times, a petty domestic issue or a problem can trigger a panic attack, and genes have nothing to do it although family has.

2. Passive Nature

If you make a character study of those who suffer from panic attacks, you will be surprised to observe that passive people who severely assert themselves suffer from anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Inability to assert oneself can be an inborn trait or could be developed owed to certain unfortunate circumstances.

3. Vitamin Deficiencies

You may feel surprised to learn that vitamin deficiencies can trigger panic attacks. However, a person who lacks vitamin B is pride. Vitamin B deficiency also manifests as disorders in the ear ear, hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, and so on. In such a case, take of vitamin B can solve your problems of panic attack.

Cure vitamin deficiency problems, and you will automatically cure anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

4. Phobias

Irrational fears or phobias about certain things, people, or circumstances can lead to a panic attack or anxiety disorder. People may be terrified of water, elevators, fires, heights, and so on. People who never had a phobia in their life might feel that phobias are absurd. However to people suffering from them, phobias are real. These people usually end up suffering from anxiety disorders.

5. Drugs

Some drugs can actually cause anxiety disorders. These drugs could either be prescribed or unprescribed. Some drugs combine chemicals that do not agree with certain individuals. Intake of such drugs will cause irritability and restlessness, two common signs of a panic attack.

The medical world offers zillions of treatment plans for the effective management of panic attacks. Therapy offers a long-term solution to these medical problems. If you find it difficult to control a panic attack, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Do some research and find out what alternative health options may be available to you as well.