Panic Attacks Caused By Sleep Disorders – Tips To Relieve Insomnia

Sleep disorder is one of the major factors that cause panic attacks. If it has been confirmed that you are suffering from a sleep disorder, or if you suspect that you have one, it is to be understood that you are more prone to panic attacks.

Sometimes, it is the other way round; panic attack is the chief cause of insomnia. In truth, it is a vicious cycle. While lack of sleep causes panic attacks, a panic attack can also cause sleeplessness. If you have panic attacks caused by anxiety, you are more likely to be in an endless state of panic, worry, and anxiety, negative factors that will rob you of precious hours of sleep.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is of paramount importance. We are all aware of how we feel when we can’t sleep. Insomnia leads to lack of control, irritability, irrationality, and lack of efficiency.

During sleep, your body recuperates after long hours of work. Your body needs this rest and goes through the various stages of sleep so that it can relax. If you don’t get sufficent sleep, you body will not be able to function.

During sleep, the mind tries to sort out the various problems of the day. You may have observed that your ability to solve problems increases after a good night’s sleep. This is because you have given your body and mind sufficient time to organize all the facts required to solve a particular problem.

Naturally, lack of sleep can directly lead to panic attacks. If you can’t sleep well, your body is constantly awake and continuously receives information, without getting the sufficient time to organize this information. The excess amount of unanalyzed information in your mind leads to stress, which in turn causes anxiety. When you are over-anxious, you will not be able to handle day-to-day activities effectively, paving the way for a panic attack.

Taking the Required Treatment

If you are prone to panic attacks, insufficient sleep can be a great problem for you. Irrespective of whether insomnia leads to panic attacks or panic attacks lead to insomnia, help is available for you.

Medication is available for people who suffer from insomnia due to panic attacks. It will help you deal with anxiety and depression too, and enable you to enjoy better sleep. You also have the choice of taking therapy for panic attacks. Therapy will equip you with the ability to deal with challenging day-to-day situations more effectively.

A doctor is in a position to pinpoint what has gone wrong with your sleeping pattern. Doctors may either prescribe medication for you or recommend a reputed sleep clinic. Therefore, find a good health care professional, whose care and advise will help you deal with erratic sleep patterns and, thereby, reduce the intensity of your panic attacks.