Panic Attacks and Their Origins

For Panic Attacks Help May Be On the Way

If you have panic attacks help is available. Finding it can be frustrating. It often takes time to find the root cause or causes and address them. But, try not to get too frustrated and do not give up. Try to take a deep breath and hold it. Now, let it out slowly and read on.

If it has been a while since you had a physical, make an appointment to see your doctor. There are some biological causes, including low blood sugar, hyperthyroidism and vitamin B deficiency. Treating the underlying health problem causes the attacks to stop.

If you are taking any kind of prescription or over the counter medication, find out what the side effects are. Anxiety or nervousness, either of which could cause an attack, may be listed among the side effects. Some of the drugs that are known to cause panic attacks include Ritalin and some antibiotics.

Antidepressants classified as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can cause panicky feelings, especially during the first few days or weeks of use. Since many people experience both anxiety and depression, an SSRI may be prescribed.

If you are taking an SSRI and you have panic attacks help could have been found in switching to a different one. There are dozens of different SSRIs, as well as other drugs for treating depression. Sometimes, it takes a little experiment to find one that relieves the depression, without worsening the anxiety.

If you have a phobia, you are under a great deal of stress or you recently endured a very stressful episode, you may need some psychological assistance. A counselor can teach you about different methods of relaxing the muscles and the mind. He or she can help you identify unexpressed feelings. Keeping your emotions bottled up can cause the uncomfortable feelings that you are experiencing.

For many people with panic attacks help is found when they learn that their symptoms are not harmful or dangerous. You might be worried that you are having a heart attack or feel as though you are being smothered.

The physical symptoms that you feel are caused primarily by increased adrenalin production. It's not dangerous, just uncomfortable.

It is part of the "Fight or Flight" mechanism that evolved as a protection when we were threatened. The idea is that you either Fight it or Run Away. It is a normal response and nothing to be afraid of.

For panic attacks help is available from a number of different sources.